Tenacious Mesh Patches 2 x 7.6cm Pre-Cut

Fix rips, holes and gashes in your bug net instantly with Tenacious Tape Mesh Patches. Patch up a tent bug screen, mosquito net or head net like a pro without the gooey mess.

2 x 7.6cm Patches


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This repair kit includes pre-cut mesh patches with an edging of clear Tenacious Tape for quick, easy repairs.   
Peel & Stick – Simply remove backing and apply to surface with pressure; no sewing skills or heat required
Durable – Ultra-strong repair tape permanently bonds to mesh fabrics
Washable – Fabric tape is sealed with a waterproof coating and won’t peel off during a wash or storm
Fine Mesh - keeps mosquitos, flies, midges and no-see-ums out

Terra Nova Brand: Terra Nova
Product code: 64MN240


Material: PVC and nylon
Color: clear and black
Size: 3” rounds
Application: peel and stick
Adheres To: nylon, polyester, fleece, vinyl/PVC, leather
Application Temperature: room temperature
Removable: yes
Washable: yes
Storage: store in a bag or container
2 x 7.6cm Patches
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