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A Quasar’s Journey: A Tale of Reliability and Sturdiness

In 1988, Nick, a passionate adventurer, started a new chapter of his life teaching in the breathtaking landscapes of North Wales. It was during this time that Nick acquired his trusted companion, the Quasar tent. Right from the outset, he could tell that this tent was unlike any he had owned before – a true game-changer. Its superior waterproofing, especially the groundsheet, combined with its exceptional sturdiness in strong winds and quick setup, made it a standout performer. Little did he know that this tent would accompany him on countless wild camping expeditions, taking him to some of the most awe-inspiring and inhospitable places on Earth.

Over the years, he embarked on hundreds of wild camping trips, exploring the mesmerising beauty of the UK’s landscapes. The Quasar became an integral part of his journeys, leading him to beloved spots like North Wales, the Lake District, Cairngorms, and Knoydart. Its unwavering performance and reliability instilled unwavering trust in his adventurous heart.

One vivid memory stands out from his expeditions with a small A-level Geography group in the Lake District. The winds howled through the night, raising concerns about the stability of one group’s tent. In order to keep the group safe, he ventured out into the dark, checking the pegs and guylines, and holding the tent steady during the worst gusts. But to his surprise, his own tent, the Quasar stood firmly on its own, needing no intervention, proving its mettle as a true shelter in challenging conditions.

Undeterred by unforeseen obstacles, there was one night when the Quasar found itself unknowingly pitched in an ephemeral stream channel. Awoken by a strange sensation of gently undulating groundsheet and floating trainers and Trangia pans in the porch area, he braced himself for a potential leaky disaster. However, the trusty Quasar remained steadfast, keeping his sleeping bag dry and protected.

The Quasar didn’t confine its adventures to the UK alone; it ventured across the seas to Iceland and the majestic Himalayas. In these remote and demanding terrains, the tent offered a reliable haven, providing much-needed shelter amidst the unpredictable elements.

As his love for the Quasar grew, so did his collection of Terra Nova tents. Alongside his loyal companion, he added the Solar Competition, the Laser Competition, and the Super Quasar to his outdoor adventure kit. Each tent served its purpose diligently, but the Quasar always held a special place in his heart.

Nowadays, the Quasar may have retired from its primary role, but it has found a new purpose as the cherished family festival tent. Its long life of trusty service and countless memorable journeys have earned it this honourable status. There’s no better way to celebrate its incredible 40-year legacy than by bringing joy to the next generation of adventurers.

The Quasar’s incredible journey is a testament to the power of exceptional gear that stands the test of time. Its unwavering reliability and unyielding spirit have accompanied adventurers through some of life’s most extraordinary experiences. As we celebrate 40 years of the Quasar tent, we also celebrate the remarkable stories of those who have experienced the world’s wonders under the protective canopy of this extraordinary tent. The Quasar’s legacy lives on, inspiring new adventures, and providing countless unforgettable memories for generations to come.

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Story and photos with thanks to Nick Bull.