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The ever-copied but never bettered classic, the Quasar is the definitive 4-season, 2-person mountain tent that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

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3 reviews for Quasar

  1. George Shaw

    As an expedition sea kayak guide I’ve tried a lots of tents over the last 15 years, and been in some interesting weather situations around the world,

    As paddlers we have space to carry a suitable size tent within the kayak, I unpacked the tent and put into 3 different dry bags for ease of loading into the kayak, generally unless we are in a warmer climate, I’m in my drysuit, The quasar has 2 good size porches for kit, which was perfect for fitting my paddling kit in when not in use, and still allowing me to use the other door to get in and out,

    Very easy and quick to put up, plus a great footprint, which covers the base of the tent and carries through to the 2 porches,

    Looks great also, I couldn’t stop looking at the tent from all angles, felt like a new kayak or car very happy with the styling
    I’m 6.2 and 95kg and felt like I had plenty of room within the tent, plus the added space could easily accommodate another large person

    My first outing was in Scotland April 2023 Outer Hebredies, the weather was interesting, cyclonic weather system which meant we had calm weather one minute then gale force winds and heavy rain the next,
    So my new Quaser experienced 35-40mph winds plus some heavy rain down pours, happy to say the tent took the conditions well, no problem

  2. Julian Desert

    As a mountain walker and sea kayaker, I can confidently say that few pieces of equipment have withstood the test of time and nature as remarkably as my trusty 1985 Quasar tent. The outstanding quality and durability of these tents continue to amaze me. Over the years, my Quasar tent has proven itself time and again, and even in July 2023, during my expedition to the Isles of Scilly, it braved force 5 winds, gusting up to 7, and heavy rainfall without a hitch. This tent has traveled with me across the globe, from the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand to the diverse climates of hot French summers and chilling sub-zero temperatures in Snowdonia.

    As a sea kayaker, I appreciate the importance of minimizing weight, volume, and pole size to optimize space in my kayak. However, when it comes to wild camping on exposed beaches, I have learned that compromising on these aspects is well worth it because my Quasar tent has proven time and again that it will protect me, no matter the conditions. Even on challenging and unforgiving terrain, like pebbly or rocky grounds, the sewn-in groundsheet has demonstrated surprising robustness, though I do take extra precautions by using another protective layer when possible.

    The new model of the Quasar tent retains its classic 4-pole design, which, when attached to the inner tent’s eyelets, allows it to be freestanding. This ingenious feature enables easy adjustments to ensure a perfect base position. Setting up the tent is a breeze with just a few pegs and the fly.

    I recommend the Quasar whenever someone wants a true expedition tent that will withstand very high winds and rain.

  3. Alun

    Bought mine in the late 1980’s. It’s on its second set of poles. Camping on stony ground has required patching the floor with bike puncture patches. The midge screen has a few holes too. An outstanding bit of kit showing its age these days. Last used in Glen Brittle campsite in May.

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