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Quasar Tent Pitching Instructions

The ever copied but never bettered classic, the Quasar is the definitive 4 season, 2 person mountain tent that’s exceptionally strong, offering two doors for versatile storage and access. See the Quasar tent pitching instructions for all versions of the Quasar below:

  1. Lay out the inner tent.
  2. Carefully assemble the 4 poles. Ensure all the joints are fully connected.
  3. Slide the blue poles through the blue-marked pole sleeves.
  4. Slide the red poles through the red marked pole sleeves.
  5. Matching the colour of the eyelet tape on the inner with the pole, insert a pole end into the outermost eyelet.
  6. Peg out inner tent.
  7. (For Quasar ETC) only – slide the extra red pole through the flysheet pole sleeve.
  8. Throw flysheet over inner tent.
  9. Matching the colour of the eyelet tape on the hem of the flysheet with the pole, insert a pole-end into the outermost eyelet on each tape.
  10. Peg out flysheet.
  11. Remember to adjust the flysheet tension as conditions alter. (The flysheet will tighten in strong sunlight and slacken if it gets wet).

The Quasar/Ultra Quasar tent is supplied with:

  • 4 Alloy poles
  • 22 Titanium pegs (Ultra Quasar),
  • 22 Alloy pegs (Quasar)
  • Quasar ETC:
  • 5 alloy poles
  • 26 alloy pegs

Quasar Tent Pitching Instructions Video