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An Expedition in Norway’s Hardangervidda with the Quasar Tent

To celebrate an incredible 40 years of the Quasar tent, Terra Nova is teaming up with the people that know the tent inside out. We’re bringing you the best stories of those that have experienced some of the world’s most inhabitable places.

A journey across Norway

In the vast wilderness of Norway’s Hardangervidda region, a daring group of explorers embarked on an unforgettable ski-touring expedition in the spring of 1997. Among them was an avid adventurer, who had been the proud owner of a Quasar tent since 1990. Little did they know that this journey would etch itself into their memories forever.

Equipped with their trusty Quasar tent, they ventured into the snow-covered landscapes, thoroughly prepared for the challenges that lay ahead. Craftsmanship became their ally as they creatively modified their gear. With imagination, they transformed plastic sleds into pulk sleds and attached nylon cords to climbing harnesses to help pull the makeshift pulks. Their tent was tailored to the extreme conditions with the addition of snow valances, and they sewed together waxed cotton fabric mittens to shield their hands from the biting cold.

A Quasar tent pitched in the snow covered Hardangervidda region in Norwar

Their expedition began with affordable flights from London to Oslo, followed by a train ride to Finse, a majestic location elevated at 1,222 meters. The adventurers embraced traditional telemark touring skis with cable bindings, leather boots, and Gore-Tex gaiters. Setting out on the path marked by saplings, they navigated through awe-inspiring scenery, venturing southeast near the Hardangerjøkulen glacier. To conquer steep terrains, skins were attached to their skis, providing them the much-needed traction to push on.

Camping amidst the vast white canvas, they constructed protective walls from sturdy snow blocks, fortifying their Quasar tents against the relentless winds. The primitive but effective kerosene stoves served the dual purpose of melting snow and cooking their modest meals of porridge, ramen noodles, and salami. Despite the repetitiveness of their diet, the adventurers pushed on in generally good weather with temperatures regularly plummeting below -10°C, and even reaching a bone-chilling -30°C on their last nights. This icy environment provided an ideal skiing surface, though they encountered challenging fields of sastrugi along the way.

2 Quasar tents pitched in a snow blizzard

On their final night, on the opposite side of Finsevatnet from Finse, a stroke of luck illuminated their journey. The sky cleared, revealing a mesmerising sight—the Hale-Bopp comet. Braving the freezing temperatures, they captured long exposure photos of the solar phenomenon, improvising a tripod from snow blocks. This awe-inspiring spectacle became the perfect finale to their remarkable adventure.

A Quasar tent pitched in the remote region of Hardangervidda in Norway with the Hale Bopp Coment lighting up the skies

For these courageous explorers and countless others, the Quasar tent had proven its worth time and time again. With unwavering durability, it withstood harsh weather conditions, offering shelter and comfort throughout their daring adventures. It’s no wonder that Terra Nova Equipment’s Quasar tent continues to be the adventurer’s trusted companion, enabling dreams to become reality and memories to be eternally cherished.

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Story and photos with thanks to James Mead.