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Benefits of Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are designed to protect your palm and wrist, leaving your fingertips exposed, greatly helping with tasks where precision is required. A pair of fingerless gloves can be worn as a base layer or on their own on milder days. They will stop your hands from going cold without sacrificing dexterity in your fingertips.

Cold hands can lead to an array of issues including blisters, numb fingers, and a loss of dexterity. The combination of protection, finger dexterity and breathability that fingerless gloves offer, combat these issues, making them an ideal accessory for all outdoor enthusiasts.

A person wearing fingerless gloves whilst holding a cup outdoors

Benefits of fingerless gloves

  • Lightweight and breathable, making them more comfortable for use in milder climates or during intense exercise.
  • Increased finger dexterity and control, allowing you to perform precise tasks.
  • No need to take off your gloves to text your family or friends.
  • Can be used as liner gloves or on their own.
  • Fingerless gloves provide protection against cuts or scrapes without compromising finger dexterity.


  • Offer slightly less protection compared to full-finger gloves.
  • Aren’t waterproof as water can get in through the finger holes, however, they can be paired with waterproof gloves.
  • Not suitable for use on their own in extremely cold weather as they provide less warmth and insulation.

Why you should opt for fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves are ideal for anyone who works outside during the colder months and requires whole-hand movement without compromising grip and hand protection. Perfect to throw them in your hiking bag or simply leave in your winter jackets – they take up virtually no room! Grab a pair now.

Liner gloves are a great alternative to fingerless gloves – they offer whole-hand protection while still providing more finger dexterity than your thick winter gloves. Check out our best liner gloves if you’re unsure whether to go fingerless or not.