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Best wild camping spots in Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park is an iconic region in the UK and the only place in England where you can legally wild camp!

Even though wild camping is allowed in Dartmoor National Park, you are still required to follow common wild camping rules and you should only wild camp in areas highlighted on this map. There are plenty of places where you can set up your camp in Dartmoor, but there’s nothing better than a camp with views! We have compiled a list of some spots you should check out if you are planning on heading to Dartmoor. We strongly advise you to take a map and compass with you as it can be hard to navigate, and the signal is limited in most areas.

Top wild camping spots in Dartmoor

  • Cosdon Hill – Located on the northern side of the National Park, this spot is easily accessible from South Zeal. The large dome-shaped hill is steeped in history and offers panoramic views to really take your breath away!
  • Okehampton Common – This area is one of the most dramatic parts of the national park. Along the route, there are unmarked paths and navigating challenges that require a map to reach the Okehampton Common area safely. In this area, it is important that you check the Dartmoor firing times and only go when there is no firing practice happening.
  • Great Links Tor – This spot provides some of the best views in the Dartmoor National Park. This tor is one of the most impressive ones in Dartmoor and dominates the western flank of the national park. If you are a sunset lover, this is your spot. You can watch the sun setting over the Tamar Valley with Cornwall visible on the horizon.
  • Ryder’s Hill – Located on the southern side of the National Park, its highest point reaches 515 meters. This is a great spot for anyone who is looking for amazing views and a bit of solitude whilst camping.

We strongly advise you to take a map and compass with you as it can be hard to navigate, and the signal is limited in most areas.

Wild Camping on Dartmoor National Park

Before wild camping anywhere on Dartmoor, familiarise yourself with these common wild camping rules:

  1. Most importantly, LEAVE NO TRACE, which means the only sign of your wild camp should be the flat grass your tent was pitched on.
  2. Do not start fires for any reason, use a cooking stove or Trangia instead.
  3. Take all your waste and anything else you have bought with you back home.
  4. Only wild camp in Dartmoor for a maximum of 2 nights.
  5. Pitch up at least 100m away from any road.
  6. Do not camp in big groups or use large tents.
  7. Before heading off on a wild camping adventure, make sure your gear is up for the challenge.

Check out our detailed wild camping guide if you are new to wild camping or want to brush up on your wild camping knowledge.

Dartmoor is a great place for beginner wild campers to explore but if you’re after more of a challenge, take a look at some spots in the Lake District or Peak District.

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