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The Absolute Beginners Guide to Wild Camping

Want to escape reality and connect with nature? Then it might be time to try wild camping! The UK offers some of the world’s most dramatic landscapes and with the very unpredictable UK weather, you are sure to be in for a whole adventure every time you leave your front door.

Wild camping ignites a sense of total freedom that you don’t necessarily get with regular campsite camping trips. An opportunity to escape, go completely ‘off-grid’ and become truly immersed in the remoteness of the Great British Wilderness.

We have compiled a short guide to give you everything you will need for a successful Wild Camp! Wherever you go, make sure to share your stories with us by tagging @terranovaequipment in your pictures!

Where to Camp

Wild camping can be a difficult subject to navigate. Currently, it is only legal to wild camp in some parts of Dartmoor and areas of Scotland. Otherwise, legally, you must gain permission from the landowners. However, always remember to pitch up late, leave early and follow the ‘leave no trace’ guidelines.

Prior research into land ownership can help you avoid hefty fines and angry landowners. We recommend checking online, downloading apps such as Campy and WikiCampsUK, and joining online forums with other wild campers to find new spots to camp safely and legally.

Stay Safe: Camp Remote…But Let Somebody Know

Wild camping offers complete remoteness, the option to switch off from work, social media, and the pressures of daily life. We totally get it; you want to be alone with nature. But you also must be safe. No matter if this is your first camp or your 100th; make sure someone knows your wear-a-bouts and estimated arrival time back home.

The environment can change very quickly, and you could fall into trouble with no signal to call for help. Making someone aware of your journey means they can sound the alarm for help if you cannot.

Plan your Route & Remember It!

Before you get your walking gear on, it is important to have a clear plan for your hike. Make sure you have planned a clear route, checked the weather forecast and terrain to make sure you are confident. A great app is Outdoor Active, which can help you plan your routes. We recommend visiting the area before your camp to memorise the route and find the best places to pitch your tent. This will also give you an idea of how long it will take to reach your camp, meaning you can allow for plenty of daylight to set up.

Get the Right Gear

Set yourself up for success and make sure you have the right kit from the get-go! Start with a great tent that will make your camping experience more comfortable. Depending on when you will be camping, we have a range of different 3-season and 4-season tents so you can prepare for every season! If it is weight you are worried about, we also have lightweight and ultra lightweight tents should you want to reduce your pack weight and size.

Layers: With the weather being characteristically unpredictable, you need to ensure you pack for every eventuality. Getting into your tent wet and cold will make for a miserable experience, so make sure you bring enough layers to change into to make sure you stay nice and dry.

Sleeping: Your experience will be much more enjoyable if you get a good night’s sleep. Invest in a quality sleeping bag and mat and snooze through to the sunrise! Quality sleeping gear will create a barrier between you and the floor keeping you nice and toasty, which will make a huge difference to your trip.

Cooking: Eating well on your trip is a great way to boost morale! Having a warm meal to look forward to at the end of your hike is worth carrying. You will need to grab a burner stove and gas canister to be able to heat your meal, but you can get cooking inspiration from our wild camping food ideas blog!

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Unleash your inner adventurer and head out into the wild, sleep under the stars, and wake up to amazing sunrises; before you pack your bag, follow our top tips to give yourself the best chance for a successful wild camp.

And remember, to keep wild camping one of our country’s best and beautiful kept secret, it is important to leave no trace.