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Summer Camping Guide

We have waited all year for it, and finally, Summer is here! It is time to start getting your bags packed for a jam-packed season of camping. And if you are anything like us here at Terra Nova, we cannot wait for those long hazy days outside enjoying nature! Whether you are off wild camping, to a campsite, or your own back garden, we have created this comprehensive guide to help you make the most of the warmer temperatures and make it a summer to remember!

Know the Rules

But before you head out on your trip, it is important to know the rules of the land.

As tempting as it is to pitch up in picturesque, sunny locations, make sure you know, and respect the rules of the area. Some land may be privately owned and restrict you from camping. Currently, it is only legal to camp in some parts of Dartmoor and Scotland, so to avoid fines or the risk of being moved on make sure you follow these rules:

  1. Pitch up late and leave early
  2. Check the land permissions before setting off
  3. Avoid pitching up beside paths
  4. Do not light fires or disrupt the land; with the land being dryer than usual, fires can spread quickly
  5. Most importantly, leave no trace…

To find out more about the rules of Wild Camping and some useful tips and tricks, check out our previous blog.

3-Season Tents

When choosing a tent, it is important to select one that suits both your needs and the activities you plan to do. If you are a multi-day hiker or bike-packer and need to be constantly on the move, you will want a lightweight tent. However, if you are just camping the odd night here and there, you can afford to carry more weight and opt for a slightly larger tent.

For the summer months, we recommend a 3-season tent. 3-Season tents strike an optimal balance of low weight, livability, and weather protection for warmer months. They provide great ventilation whilst sheltering you from the inevitable British rain, wind, and bugs.

Another thing to consider when purchasing your tent is pitching style, there is inner pitch first or all as one pitching. Inner pitch first models offer the option to sleep without the flysheet in milder weather, whilst all-in-one pitching provides the inner with complete weather protection even when setting up camp. You can find out more about the difference between a 3 and 4-season tent here.

Solar Photon 2 – 2 ways to camp. Flysheet + Inner and Inner Only

Pack for the Great British Weather

Shades on, factor 50 on, shorts ON!

When you are out enjoying the sunshine, it is so easy to forget how much the temperature can drop in the night. Make sure you are prepared with lots of layers to keep you nice and toasty as those temperatures drastically drop. Remember, it is better to have too many layers than too little!

With our temperamental weather, make sure you pack for every eventuality, bringing a change of clothes and waterproofs can prevent you from getting drenched in a downpour and in turn, lead to a more enjoyable adventure.

Summer camping also brings with it bugs. Lots of them. Midges to be exact! Thriving in the warmer temperatures, the midges can turn a beautiful wild camp in a hide and seek from the flying menaces! We highly recommend investing in a head net to keep the bugs off your face, so you do not have to dive for cover and miss the sunset.

Sticky Power Liner Glove Lifestyle

Heading for new heights? For every 100m you climb, the temperature can drop by 1C on average. Consider taking a hat and liners to keep the chill off and keep adventuring comfortably.

A thin pair liners will keep your hands nice and warm should the temperature drop.

Check out Extremities for warm accessories for your head, hands, and feet.

Avoiding the Crowds

When the sun is shining, expect your favorite wild camping spots to be busier than usual. If you want total peace and quiet, it is important to have a few back-up-locations planned in advance. Ask around wild camping community pages for new places to camp, and ensure you have a couple of options of where to pitch up before you set off. Check out our previous guide to help you find the best places to pitch your tent.

However, if you are pretty determined to camp in your preferred spot, it can be a great opportunity to meet and chat with other wild campers (and show off your Terra Nova / Wild Camping tent!) And who knows, you could meet your future camping crew! Just make sure you let someone know your whereabouts and estimated return time to make sure you are safe!

Stay Hydrated

It is so much easier to become dehydrated when you are out in the sun all day… without even realising! Make sure you bring enough water for your trip and keep sipping throughout the day. If you are heading out on a multi-day hike, a water filter would be useful so you can top up your water supply when passing streams and rivers.

Ready? It’s Time to Go Outdoors and Smash Summer!

Now you have the basics, go out there and make this summer one to remember. Whether you are going alone or with mates, make sure you have everything you need before you leave. We recommend checking your tent thoroughly and making a packing list before you head out.

If you are still in need of a new tent, check out our full range.

Got an old tent that you no longer use? Make use of the Terra Nova Tent Trade-in Scheme and get 30% off a new Terra Nova or Wild Country tent. More information can be found here.