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Best Places to Pitch a Tent

This planet offers plenty of great places that are worth exploring, most with incredible views. However, pitching in the wrong spot can land you in some trouble.

We have put together a guide so you can make the right decisions on where to camp. It’s not always possible to find the perfect place to pitch but knowing the best places to look for can keep you safer. The best places to pitch a tent are those that offer a balance of safety, solitude and natural beauty.

Best places to pitch a tent

– Location

Pick somewhere that is in a discreet location so that you are away from roads, paths, houses and anything else which could lead to people seeing you. Knowing that you are less likely to be spotted will allow you to have a more relaxing and enjoyable camp.

– Flat land

Pitch your tent in a relatively flat area, so that you can get a good night’s sleep. For many people, sleeping on a slope will result in a bad night’s sleep and annoying back pains in the morning. Having said that, if you love sleeping on a slope, who are we to stop you?

– Ground condition

Be sure to check the condition of the ground. Is it wet? Are there animal droppings? Are there sharp rocks? You don’t want your tent ripping, getting dirty or your sleeping system breaking during the night.

– Sheltered from the elements

We know it isn’t always possible to find a spot that is sheltered from rain and wind, but it is worth looking out for spots that offer protection.

– Water source

It would be a good idea to pitch near a water source. Be sure to not camp directly next to any fast-flowing water as this can be very dangerous, but you can use the water to cook with or to refill your water supply using your water filter (if you have one).


Finding the right spot to pitch your tent is essential for a successful camping trip. Choose your camping spot wisely and always think ahead when setting up.

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