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Spring Camping guide

Spring is an exciting time of year for camping and outdoor enthusiasts. With the weather starting to warm up, the flowers beginning to bloom and the days becoming longer and brighter, it’s the perfect time to pack your gear and head for the great outdoors. This spring camping guide is designed to help you make the most of your spring adventures, whether you’re an expert camper or a complete beginner.


Choose the right spot

Choosing the right camping spot is crucial to having a successful camping trip. When picking a campsite, you want to make sure it’s in a safe location and has all the amenities you need. Research the campsite ahead of time and make sure it has the facilities you need, such as bathrooms, showers, and fire pits.

If you’re looking for a more secluded camping experience, consider wild camping. This type of camping involves hiking or backpacking to a remote location and setting up camp. Wild camping requires more planning and preparation, but it can make you feel at one with nature. Check out our guide to help you find the best spots to pitch your tent.

Plan for the weather

Spring weather is very unpredictable, so it’s important to check the weather forecast before you head off. Be sure to pack clothes that can easily be layered to suit the weather conditions you are facing. This way, you can adjust to temperature changes.

You’ll also want to pack your waterproofs, just in case. Even if the forecast doesn’t predict rain, it’s always better to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Waterproof gear is also useful in windy conditions as it helps block some of the wind, ultimately keeping you warmer.

Bring the right gear

Spring weather can be unpredictable, so it’s crucial you bring the right gear. A good quality tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat rated for the conditions you will be facing, is crucial. Sturdy hiking boots and cooking equipment are also some of the most important items. You’ll also want to pack warm clothes and your waterproof gear.

Don’t forget to bring a first aid kit, a map/compass and plenty of food and water to last you for the whole trip. We recommend leaving a bottle of water and a few snacks in the car for the journey home just in case your supplies have run out. Most importantly, remember to check all your gear before you set off to ensure it will function as intended.

Prepare your meals ahead of time

Preparing your meals ahead of time can save you time and hassle during your camping trip. Consider making a meal plan and preparing any of your meals before you go. This can include chopping vegetables, marinating meat and pre-cooking meals that can easily be reheated.

Don’t forget to pack snacks as well. Trail mix, beef jerky and granola bars are all great lightweight options for quick, on-the-go snacks. Check out our camping food ideas to ensure you bring along the essentials.

Practice Leave No Trace principles

When camping, it’s important to follow the Leave No Trace principle. This means taking everything you bought with you back home, including rubbish. Make sure you leave your camping spot as you found it, or in a better state.

Don’t disturb the natural environment or wildlife and make sure to stick to all footpaths where possible. During springtime, animals start to become more active again. It’s important to leave these animals alone and respect their space by keeping a safe distance.

Need a refresher on wild camping tips and rules? Check out our wild camping guide, perfect for beginners or anyone wanting to put their wild camping knowledge to the test.

Be safe

Safety should always be a priority when camping. This includes staying hydrated and wearing appropriate clothing/footwear to stay warm and dry on your adventure. It’s also important to let someone know where you’re going and when you plan to return. This way, if anything goes wrong, they will know where to find you.

Have fun!

Finally, remember to have fun. Spring camping can be an amazing experience if you’re prepared and have the right attitude. Take frequent breaks to soak up the views and the nature around you.


Now that you have all the information you need for a successful spring adventure, it’s time to check your tent is in working order. If you need to upgrade your tent or simply need a tent, then check out our 2024 range of tents.

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