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How to Care for Your Tent

So you’ve got your tent, you love it and you want it to last? Well, you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve forked out a chunk of money on a tent, you want it to survive a long and happy life with you. Therefore, learning how to care for your tent will have a huge impact on how long it lasts.

There are some things that are hard to plan for – the tree branch that blows into your tent, the rodent that takes a fancy to your flysheet, or the camper who reverses over your guylines. But, there are some simple preventative steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of your favourite home from home.

Use a groundsheet protector

Use a groundsheet protector wherever possible to prolong the life of the groundsheet. This simple action has the double benefit of protecting the groundsheet and making cleaning the tent easier.

Tip: Don’t want to carry the extra weight? Try doubling up a piece of kit you already carry. For example, if you are using a closed-cell foam sleeping mat, place this under the groundsheet rather than inside the tent.

Avoid long exposure to UV Rays

Over time, UV rays can damage tent fabric and its coating properties. Reduce exposure to UV rays by removing the flysheet, or packing the tent away during the day. If it’s pitched in one location for a long period, rig a tarp over the tent to protect it.

Give your tent a clean

Over time, dirt, dust and debris can damage the tent when it’s packed away. Be sure to sweep or shake any dirt, stones or other debris out from inside the tent regularly to help protect the groundsheet from wear. Clean and reproof the fabric of your tent from time to time using appropriate products and never machine wash or tumble dry your tent. It’s also a good idea to clean and lubricate the zips on your tent too (an old toothbrush works well), especially if you are using the tent for long periods of time.

Store your tent correctly

If you are storing your tent for a long period of time, make sure it is dry and clean. Never store your tent wet and dirty. Store in a cool dry place, pack it loosely and unpack it occasionally to air the fabric or to give it a clean.

Look after your poles

Be gentle with your poles. Do not snap them together and when collapsing the poles, always start in the middle and make sure they are stored dry. Saltwater can corrode the poles too, so clean the poles with pure soap and dry thoroughly to remove any salt residue before packing them away.

Tip: Applying zip lube to your poles adds an extra layer of protection and also makes it easier to slide through pole sleeves.

See more about tent pole care here.

Avoid using chemicals

Never use chemical agents such as insecticide near or in your tent as they can damage the fabric. Only ever clean your tent with soapy water.

Use our repair service

Don’t think that damage or broken parts mean the end of the road for your tent. There are plenty of ways to keep your tent a part of your adventures. We have replacement poles available to buy, and a repair service throughout the year. Failing this, we have a tent trade-in service that will give you 30% off the price of a new Terra Nova or Wild Country tent when you trade in your old one.

Care for your tent and it will care for you.