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Tent Pegs: How to choose the right one

At Terra Nova Equipment, we want to ensure you have everything you need for the perfect camping trip. That’s why our team of experts have designed, tried and tested, fabrics, poles and pegs to make sure they can withstand the toughest conditions.

Everything that goes into our tents has been meticulously designed to support you and your camping environment, including pegs. So, whether you’re in the mountains, woods or snowy hills, we have a peg for you; but how do you choose the right one? Read on to find out all about our pegs and which one is right for you.

Which tent pegs?

Pegs can impact the performance of your tent, so choosing the right pegs for the environment you are camping in can ensure your shelter remains exactly that… a shelter! Our team has designed a range of pegs for all types of camping, so wherever your next adventure takes you, you can sleep easy knowing your pegs have your back.

SOS Stakes

SOS Stake Peg SOS Stake Peg

The SOS Stake is our largest peg at 30cm. Weighing 56g each, these pegs are ideal for wintery conditions where a firm pitch is vital. Suitable for sand and loose soil, they are also the perfect addition to any mountain or expedition.

Length: 30cm | Width: 3.5cm | Weight: 56g

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Titanium Tent Pegs


This ‘V’ angled peg is designed to handle some of the toughest ground conditions, For the firmest pitch, we recommend positioning the peg with the point of the ‘V’ away from the tent; with a large surface area, this helps secure the tent all night long. These pegs are extremely strong and lightweight and a great addition to your pack.

Length: 16.5 | Weight: 18g | Pack of 6

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Terra Firma Tent Pegs


Unlike traditional round pin pegs, our Terra Firma Tent Pegs have a ‘Y’ profile which provides a firmer hold. These pegs also come in a mini version which weighs only 9g per peg! These pegs are great for everyday backpacking to firmly hold your tent in place, meaning you can relax knowing your pitch is staying put!

Length: 15cm | Weight: 9g | Pack of 6

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Titanium 1g & 2g Skewer Pegs


Say hello to our lightest pegs! Weighing just 1 & 2g, this titanium skewer is designed for those who want to keep pack weight to an absolute minimum.

These pegs are designed for activities such as adventure racing and lightweight backpacking. Dipped in colour, they are easy to find in the ground so you can pack up quickly and get back on the move!

Length: 13cm | Weight: 1g & 2g

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Whether you need ultra-light pegs for your mountain marathon or you’re after the most heavy-duty pegs for your expedition, we have tent pegs to hold whatever ground condition you find yourself on. To learn more, check out our full range of tent pegs here.