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Summer Camping Tips and Tricks

The summer heat can make you think twice about going camping, but don’t let it put you off. We’ve compiled a list of our top tips and tricks so you can keep cool whilst camping in the heat. Whether you’re wild camping or on a campsite, using these tips will help:

Take your tent down during the day

During a hot day, your tent will absorb the sun. This heats your tent to crazy temperatures. On top of this, your tent fabric doesn’t fare well with being exposed to direct sunlight. Taking down your tent during the day will not only mean it’s a lot cooler inside the tent, but it will also prolong the life of the tent. Check out our Terra Nova and Wild Country Tent Pitching Tips to make pitching easier.

Set up your tent in the shade

Try finding a spot in the shade to keep you and your tent cool. Also, as mentioned before, direct sunlight isn’t good for your tent as the UV rays degrade the fabric.

Go without the flysheet

This tip isn’t possible for all tents and it does depend on the weather. However, if your tent is an inner pitch first, then you can leave your flysheet at home and just take your poles, inner, and pegs. Be sure to check the weather forecast first though!

Axis 2 tent without the flysheet

Try a tarp instead

Tarps instead of a backpacking tent in summer are a great, cooler alternative. They have some great uses ranging from a shelter, shade over your tent or even a groundsheet. Using a tarp can be exciting and make you feel at one with nature. Plus, a tarp is much lighter than your usual setup, so you won’t have to carry as much weight in the heat. Fancy trying out tarp camping? Check out our range here.

Summer Tarp Camping

Bring a portable fan

Portable fans are game-changers when camping in summer and you can leave it on all night to blow a cool breeze. Be sure you find one that is lightweight, small enough to carry in your bag, and quiet enough to allow you to sleep at night.

Freeze a water bottle

This is a great trick to keep your water cold all day. A day before you’re setting off, place a nearly full water bottle into the freezer and let it do its thing. When you are ready to set off, take the frozen water bottle with you. As the ice melts, you’ve got yourself a nice cold drink.

Sleep during sundown

The morning sun can increase the temperature in your tent in just a few minutes. Getting up early isn’t for everyone, but when you’re camping in hot weather there’s no way around it. Having a lie-in is almost impossible, as your tent will feel like a sauna very quickly.

Avoid wearing dark clothes

Try to wear light-coloured clothes when you’re out in the sun. In simple terms, light clothes reflect the sun more compared to darker clothes, which absorb the sun and make you warmer.

Cool down before bed

Having a cold shower or taking a dip in a stream before going to bed will cool your body temperature down. It will make you feel a lot cooler and help you get to sleep easier. If you take a dip in a body of water, be careful and stay safe.

Summer Camping Stream

Ditch your sleeping bag

If the temperatures are warm enough during the night, you can get away with just using a blanket from home. A blanket and your airbed are the perfect combo for sleeping outside during warmer nights. Be sure to check the forecast before heading off though.

Keep bugs at bay

Nobody likes insects when they’re camping. During the warm summer months, insects are more active, so protect yourself from the insects and their annoying bites with plenty of insect spray. Take a small bottle with you so you can keep reapplying.

Wet your clothes

Soaking your T-shirt or cap in water is a quick way to cool your body down. The wet fabric will absorb your body heat. You can also soak a towel and lay it on your forehead while trying to sleep.

Don’t forget the essentials

Remember the essentials to stay safe. Apply plenty of sun cream throughout the day and be sure to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. If you are feeling thirsty, then you are starting to become dehydrated. Take multiple short water breaks throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Not sure where to camp this summer? Then check out our Peak District Camping Guide or our Lake District Camping Guide to help you get started.