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Tips to help you sleep in a tent

We know the feeling, you’ve had a long day of exploring, it comes to getting your head down and you struggle to get to sleep in a tent. With years of expertise in camping, we have collated a list of useful tips to help aid a good night’s sleep, so you can conquer the day ahead of you.

Pitch on the flat

There’s nothing worse than waking up mid-way through the night on the floor because you’ve slipped off your sleeping mat. Make sure that your tent is pitched as flat as possible to avoid sleeping at an angle.

Choose a quality sleeping bag

There’s an abundance of sleeping bags to choose from, and getting the right one for you can be crucial to a good night’s sleep in a tent. Pay attention to the temperature rating, making sure that the rating suits the forecasted weather. The temperature can drop during the night and when you sleep your body temperature also drops a little, therefore, it’s better to be too warm in your sleeping bag and open it up a little, rather than being too cold and end up shivering all night.

Sleeping in a tent

Take a good sleeping mat

Sleeping mats are an important accessory to getting a good night’s sleep in a tent. Make sure your sleeping mat does not leak air before the trip, to stop you from sleeping on the floor midway through the night. Not only do they add comfort, but also insulate you from the cold ground, which will stop you from losing heat during the night.

Pack a pillow

A pillow will make it feel more like home and add extra support, allowing you to have sweet dreams. There are plenty of air pillows that provide comfort but are still extremely lightweight.

Take a quality tent

This goes without saying, but you need a quality tent. If your tent leaks or is not fit for purpose, it’s going to have a negative effect on your sleep. Read how to choose the right tent for you here.

Southern Cross Tent Pitching Instructions

Consider a hot water bottle

During the cold months, consider taking a hot water bottle and fill it with water boiled using your camping stove. This can quickly add warmth to you in your sleeping bag, warming you up after being out in the cold all day.

Earplugs are a must

During the night you will hear wildlife sounds and depending on how deep you sleep, this can keep you awake during the night. You may have used a white noise machine playing wildlife sounds when sleeping at home, but the sounds you will hear during your camping trip will be much, much louder.

Stay in a routine

Try sticking to your normal sleeping routine. If you eat at 7 pm and sleep at 10 pm, be sure to stay in that pattern. This will help to keep your body clock in check in order to wake up refreshed in the morning, ready to tackle the challenge ahead of you.

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