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Best Festival Tents

At a lot of festivals, camping is an option: It’s affordable, flexible, and most importantly, sociable! Camping with your friends and family can be great fun and create lasting memories.

Having the right tent is very important to make the most out of your weekend. You can take any tent you want to a festival, but like anything, buying cheap isn’t always best. Buying a cheap tent could result in leaks and you could wake up wet, cold and miserable the next morning.

A lot of people like to buy a cheap tent for a festival, intending to leave it behind when they leave. This is the worst approach! Leaving your tent behind seriously harms the environment and contributes to landfills. Tents are also made of materials that don’t decompose and will be left in a landfill for years.

Rather than buying a cheap tent, opt for a mid-range one. A mid-range tent will be good quality and last for years, not only for festivals but also for weekend camping trips.

Our Wild Country tents are perfect for weekend camping trips but also double up as great festival tents. They’re fully waterproof, spacious, easy to pitch and easy to pack away, giving you no excuse to leave your tent behind. Check out our best festival tents below:

Blizzard 2 and Blizzard 3

2 person and 3 person

Blizzard 2 and 3 - Cropped Festival Tent

The Blizzard tent is available in 2 and 3-person versions and has an excellent space-to-weight ratio. This allows you to carry it along with your other gear without avoiding multiple trips to the car. The waterproof flysheet offers increased durability at a lighter weight, making it perfect for festival weekends and camping trips throughout the year.

It’s also a 4-season tent, meaning you’ll be protected from the weather regardless of the season. Also, the porch gives you extra storage space, freeing up the sleeping area for only the essentials.

Hoolie Compact 2 and Hoolie Compact 3

2 person and 3 person

Hoolie Compact 2 & Hoolie Compact 3 - Cropped Festival Tent

Available in 2 and 3-person sizes, the Hoolie Compact tents offer a huge amount of space with a compact pack size. This means they take up less space when walking to the festival site.

They’re an excellent choice for those looking for a combination of plenty of storage and sleeping space. The sewn-in groundsheet also adds protection from the elements, wet ground and insects that might disturb your much-needed sleep.

Pitching the tent is just as simple as packing it away due to the flysheet and inner being attached. There’s also an oversized tarp-style tent bag that massively helps when packing away. The Hoolie Compact 2 & 3 offer a safe home for the duration of the festival, keeping you and your gear dry all weekend long.

Hoolie Compact 2 ETC and Hoolie Compact 3 ETC

2 person and 3 person

Hoolie Compact 2 ETC

The massive porches on the Hoolie Compact 2 ETC & Hoolie Compact 3 ETC are an addition to the Hoolie Compact 2 & 3 we mention above. They are great for storing your belongings, wet/dirty clothes and drinks throughout the festival weekend. The storage space gives you more sleeping room inside the tent because you don’t need to store everything next to you.

The large doors allow for ventilation in the mornings when the temperatures start to pick up. Pitching the tent is fast and simple thanks to all the poles being the same. Regardless of whether you’re in the porch area or sleeping area, you can relax knowing that you won’t get wet when it rains. The sewn-in groundsheet offers additional protection against the wet ground and insects that roam around the festival site.

Check out our Festival Tent Range and choose a festival tent to last you for years. Protect the environment and take your tent back home! Read more here on why you should invest in a good festival tent.

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