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Why you should invest in a good festival tent

Festivals are plenty of fun but can easily be ruined by a cheap festival tent. Your tent isn’t just a place for you to sleep after dancing all night, it is your home for the weekend. Having a good night’s sleep is key to having a blast all weekend and by investing in a good tent, you’ll have a safe home and dry belongings for the weekend.

The only rule when using a tent at a festival is: TAKE YOUR TENT HOME WITH YOU! Over 200,000 tents are left behind in UK festival fields alone, with many ending up in landfills. Not only is leaving your tent behind bad for the environment, but it also hurts your wallet in the long run. Invest in a good quality tent once and use it for years to come; whether that’s for festivals or weekend camping trips with your partner, family or friends. A good quality tent opens up so many doors, not just a weekend at a festival.

Buying a good festival tent may seem complicated if you are unsure of what to look for. Check out these essential features your tent should have:

  1. Mesh doors and ventilation – this will help to reduce condensation and allow fresh air to enter the tent, whilst keeping the bugs out.
  2. Double skin – There should be 2 layers to your tent, a flysheet and an inner. If you only have one layer, then chances are you’ve got yourself a very cheap tent that’s likely to leak.
  3. Waterproof – this is extremely important because you don’t want everything in your tent to be wet and ruin the weekend for you. Therefore, avoid single-skin tents and invest in a double-skin, waterproof tent.
  4. Compact and lightweight – trust us when we say this… it will make your festival tent dramatically easier to not only carry but also pack in your bag!
  5. Internal Pockets – great for storage of personal items or a water bottle (always handy).
  6. Porch area – having a porch area means you can store your gear away from your sleeping area, perfect for storing shoes, food or anything else you don’t want next to you when you sleep.
  7. Sewn-in Groundsheet – this helps to keep water, dirt and insects out. The last thing you want is to find insects in your festival tent.

We have multiple models that work as ideal festival tents. Whether you’re looking at a tent for yourself, or for you and your friends looking to share, we have the perfect festival tent for you in our range. Check out our best festival tents in more detail to help you find yours.