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101 Uses for a Glove

Posted on December 3rd, 2018

At Extremities we LOVE gloves and we can reuse and recycle them for a variety of different uses and activities! We wanted to share with you some cool, quirky and alternative ways to use old and spare gloves. So… here goes!


1. Of course, protection from harsh weather conditions

2. A protective layer when making cold snow balls

3. As a duster

4. Scraping snow and ice from your car

5. Protection from holding someone’s hand you don’t want to!

6. Protection from cold steering wheels – driving glove

Glove Monsters!

7. Carrying hot cups of tea and hot chocolate

8. Cleaning your phone/ iPad screen

9. Make finger puppets

10. Stuff with toy stuffing and use as a jewellery stand, necklaces and rings etc. – earring cushion

11. Plant bunting holders

12. Use as the hands of a snowman/ scarecrow

13. Christmas decorations

14. Knitted bunting

15. Mug cover/ tea cosy

16. Glove monsters!

17. As a Christmas stocking use Velcro to close glove

18. The star (glove) on top of a Christmas tree

19. Phone holder

20. Window/ mirror cleaner

21. Stuff with stuffing- use as a pin cushion

22. Glasses cleaner

23. Attach to a belt as a mini pocket/ bag- attach velcro/ popper to open/ close

24. Fancy dress- add faux fur to the top and wear as part of an animal fancy dress e.g. black cat, leopard

Wrist Warmer

25. Utensil holder- pens

26. Makeup brush holder

27. Patchwork quilt- cut up old fabric gloves

28. Cable organiser

29. Wrist and hand warmer

30. Knit gloves together to become wing mirror warmers to stop getting frozen overnight

31. Extra soft dog petter

32. Door handle warmer

33. As part of a cockerel costume

34. Stress toy – fill with flour and tie with an elastic band

35. Finger Puppets – add faces to the end

36. Toy Chipmunk

37. Mittens – chop the fingers off

38. Halloween party bag – fill with treats

Octopus Toy

39. Sensory hands – fill with unknown items and get your friend to put their hands inside to guess what the item is

40. Halloween Jellies – fill with jelly and allow to set to leave a hand shaped jelly

41. Ear warmers for animals

42. Octopus – fill with stuffing

43. Chicken puppet

44. Egg holder

45. Monster and Character gloves – just add claws

46. Remove from upholstery

47. To help open jars

48. Dust window blinds

49. Non-slip broom handle covers

50. Heavy duty rubber bands – cut rings from the fingers

51. DIY Ice Pack

52. Bath Toy

53. Alternative socks – make sure you get a big size

54. Glass warmer – place round the bottom of a glass

Plant Pots

55. Plant pots

56. Use waterproof gloves for washing the car

57. Gardening

58. Boxing

59. To Play the Drums – so the sticks don’t fly out your hands

60. Protection against blisters

61. Chop beetroot – prevents your hands from being dyed purple

62. Create scary hand ornaments – fill with plaster

63. Key holder – hang up and fill with keys

64. Cotton Ball Holder

65. Make Tye Dye T-Shirts

66. Cow Udder Insulator

67. Stirrup Warmer

68. Draw the Palmistry Hand model on it and learn it

69. Model Sun – add a circle face in the middle & lots of yellow/orange gloves around the outside

70. Tent Peg Holder

71. Balloons – add faces & hairstyles to create funny people

72. Alternative Lampshade/lantern – place light bulb inside translucent glove

Olaf Toy

73. Add elastic – use as a multi-coloured fancy dress beard

74. Toy Sheep

75. Use as pockets – attach to a jumper

76. Olaf toy

77. Hats for tiny toys/ornaments – trim off the fingers and use as hats

78. Crocodile Puppets

79. Oven gloves

80. Draft excluder – knit together to make a snake

81. Cress Hedgehog

82. Key Cozies – use the finger tip

83. Purse

84. As a mop for floors

85. Hobby horse – add broomstick, face and stuffing

86. Make a cat toy

87. Bubble snakes – cut the end off of a plastic water bottle, put glove over bottle to cover the end, dip in washing up liquid & water, then blow through the mouth of the bottle

88. Armband when running – cut off the cuff then add phone

Cat Toy

89. Egg cup cozy

90. Mug cozy – keep your tea warm

91. Card Holder

92. A pocket for small & important bits

93. Vase – rubber gloves only!

94. For rock climbing – add extra grip

95. Fingerless gloves- just chop off the finger tips!

96. Make a stuffed bear toy







OK we lied, we only got to 96, but that’s enough to keep you going for a while!
Tweet us your suggestions of any other ways to use a pair of old gloves using #DIYExtremities.




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