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8 Uses for a Bothy Bag, and Why You Need One

Posted on September 10th, 2018

Bothy Bags are an essential piece of kit that everyone should carry with them during all kinds of outdoor adventures. Whether you’re a mountain leader, casual weekend hiker or starting out as an outdoor adventurer, there should always be a Bothy Bag in your rucksack. You never know when or where you might need one, so here’s 8 uses for and reasons why you need to get yourself a Terra Nova Bothy Bag.

  • Bothy Bags are an emergency place to take cover if the weather suddenly turns stormy.
  • If the kids join you on your hikes, Bothies are a great place for your children to stop to eat or play in their very own mountain ‘cave’ during your afternoon pit-stop.
  • Bothies are a great emergency shelter if anyone was to get hurt, you can keep warm and stop hyperthermia kicking in whilst you all wait for Mountain rescue.
  • You can stop for lunch in your Bothy, as it’s somewhere safe and warm; plus, you are protected from any bad weather.
  • If you are an active family and have your baby join you on your adventures, a Bothy is a warm and private place for Mothers to stop and feed their children.
  • Bothy Bags are the perfect size for being a temporary bicycle cover whilst you’re camping.
  • Not only are Bothies suitable for outdoor adventures, they are ideal for keeping a spare in your car, just in case you breakdown and need protection from the weather whilst you wait away from the road.
  • Bothies can be used as a quick and private changing room for on the beach.

Bothy Bag

So whether you’re looking for a snug 2-person Bothy, or a large group 20-person one; Terra Nova have a range of products to suit every type of outdoor adventurer’s needs. Learn more about Bothy Bags and understand how they can help you further by reading our ‘Understanding The Bothy’ blog post. View the Terra Nova Bothy bag range here.

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