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Buying a Hardcore Tent? Get the Super Quasar

Posted on October 5th, 2010
Super quasar tent review

Review Date : 05/10/2010

Publication : Outdoor Adventure Guide

The Super Quasar is a bit of an unsung hero of polar exploration – possibly the strongest tent we make and the staple choice for many trips to the poles for over two decades. The slight ‘barrel shape’ to the inner makes it a roomy choice for two during a white out, and it’s often used as a three person tent on trips where weight is cruicial (split between three it’s only 1.3kg each!).

So when the Outdoor Adventure Guide asked us to recommend aa item for their ‘How to Buy a Hardcore Tent’ review, the Super Quasar was the logical choice. In fact, it’s the only tent in the review with accompanying photographic evidence as to it’s weather-shedding might (kindly provided by the British Army Antarctic Expedition from their 2001/2 trip to The Forbidden Plateau).

Of course, the strength and stability of the Super Quasar also make it a popular choice for Alpine, Himalayan, or even Highland trips. As well as the standard version, we can also make a Heavy Duty Super Quasar for trips where weight isn’t such an issue.

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