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Customer Service and Tent Repairs

Posted on January 28th, 2020

At Terra Nova Equipment we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.


Our award winning tents are designed in Derbyshire and are backed up by over 35 years experience and expertise. Our great customer service and tent repair service help to keep your tent ‘on the road’. We have always offered a tent repair facility; it’s a way of being more sustainable, rather than sending your old tent to landfill while there is still plenty of life left in it. We also know that Terra Nova and Wild Country customers get very attached to their tents and don’t want to part with their faithful friend!



All of the tents have a comprehensive guarantee for the original owner, which covers all parts of the tent, including the poles (unlike some brands). The full repair service is provided at our Derbyshire factory, this is free of charge if covered by the guarantee. We also provide a repairs service to cope with the accidental damage that can sometimes occur (mice seem to be particularly partial to groundsheets and hippos have been known to sit on a tent!). You can find out more about our tent repair service here.

We understand how irritating broken poles can be, especially if it happens in the early days of using your tent. We have increased the customer service level for poles to cover accidental breakages within 2 years of purchase. So if you break a pole within 2 years of buying a new Wild Country or Terra Nova tent, however it happened, we will replace it free of charge as part of our product guarantee. Look out for our video coming soon on tent pole care. More details about our product guarantees are here.


We aim to provide our customers with the best level of customer service that we can and our Derbyshire based team are always happy to help with any queries you may have.

A Terra Nova customer recently said “I have to say the customer service is great! I’m looking forward to getting back out in my tent.”

So, whether you are heading to the most extreme conditions in the world, or camping in your back garden, our Terra Nova Equipment Team are there to help you keep enjoying the outdoors and your tent.

Carolyn Budding, director, said “we pride ourselves in comprehensively designing and testing our tents and we want them to be enjoyed by everyone who owns one.  Many people become very attached to their tents and our customer service and repair facility mean you can keep your using your tent and have many more adventures.”



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