Register Your Product

Congratulations and thank you for choosing a Terra Nova or Wild Country product. Now that you are the proud owner of one of our industry-leading tents/bivis, you will need to activate your product guarantee by registering your purchase online. (If you have a tent made before 2009, you’ll not be able to use the online registration form, instead use your registration card found at the back page of your instruction book that came with the tent.)

To register your product online, we need to know: who you are, where you bought the product from, and your product’s serial number. Below you will find instructions about how to complete the Guarantee Registration Form if you’re not sure.



How to fill in the form

The Guarantee Registration Form is a simple series of boxes that need to be filled in so that we know who you are and which of our products you have bought. You can register as many products as you like, but each one will require a new form.

After filling in your personal details, we need to know which of our products you have purchased. Simply select from the drop down boxes the model name, and enter the model serial number. (The serial number is sewn in to all tents and bivis since 2009.) On tents it will be in the inner tent, and will usually be 8 numbers long. On bivis it’s fairly easy to find along with the other sewn in product labels. If you have any problems finding your serial number please contact us, as you will need this information to correctly register your guarantee.

Finally, we would like to know where you bought your product and the date on which you purchased it. Please note that this does not constitute proof of purchase and you will still require a copy of your retailers receipt/invoice if you wish to make a claim under guarantee.

If you are happy that you have filled in all of the details correctly click on the “submit” button. You will then be re-directed to a thank you page – if you do not see this page then it may be that there was a problem with your form so you should contact us to check that your registration has been completed successfully.

Thanks once again for choosing Terra Nova or Wild Country products to help you enjoy your life outdoors. At Terra Nova Equipment Ltd, we work hard to ensure that we can offer the very best products to suit a wide range of end users. If you want to tell us about your experiences with our products, and so help our future product development, please feel free to provide feedback on our contact form.