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Round The World On A Penny-Farthing

Posted on April 21st, 2006
Round the world on a penny farthing

Modern day adventurer Joff Summerfield is all set to fulfill a lifetime ambition to cycle around the world. By anyones standards this is an ambitious project, but the single detail that makes his venture all the more remarkable, is that he will be doing it on a Penny Farthing. His machine, a copy of an original 1880’s bicycle, has one gear, a hard leather saddle and solid tyres – no modern technology to make pedaling easier.

Joff began his journey on 1st May from 0 degrees Latitude at the Greenwich Observatory, London. He will head across Europe into Turkey, from there into Iran, Pakistan and India, and then through Nepal to Everest base camp. This he believes will be the first ever crossing of the Himalayas on a Penny Farthing. Joff will continue northwards to Tibet and China, then through south east Asia and onto Australia. To complete the circumnavigation, a ride across the USA and Canada will bring him home to England three years after he started.

Cycling alone and with no back up, Joff will be carrying all his equipment with him throughout his adventure. His £5 a day budget means he will be spending most nights under ‘canvas’. Terra Nova provided him with the lightweight Laser Competition tent, which uses the latest in tent design and technology to achieve its sub-1kg weight. To help Joff with comfort on his Penny Farthing we have also provided him with Extremities hats and gloves.

“I started my journey with a wonderful Terra Nova Laser Competition tent. It proved to be a great investment because of its low weight. And being able to split it into two pieces made it easy to pack away in my restricted luggage space.”

Cycling around the world using the most up to date bicycle is ambitious enough, choosing to go by penny farthing is something quite amazing. We were delighted to support Joff in his world tour, ensuring that he had some modern technology to shelter him at night!

Read more about his trip here.

Check out his blog, where he documented the adventure.

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