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Terra Nova Wins Derryk Draper Award 2010

Posted on November 24th, 2010
Derryk Draper Award - Terra Nova 2010

And the winner is… Terra Nova Equipment for the Laser Photon Tent – the lightest double-wall tent in the world!

Andy Utting, president of Terra Nova Equipment, was presented with the prestigious “Derryck Draper Award for Innovation in the Outdoors” by guild president Roly Smith in 2010. The award was given in recognition of Terra Nova’s innovation in the lightweight camping arena, in particular for the Laser Photon tent. The Laser Photon tent was, at the time, the lightest double-wall shelter in the world [Terra Nova have subsequently smashed this record with the development of the Laser Ultra 1 tent weighing just 495g!].

At the award ceremony, Andy said

“As a business we always feel humbled to receive awards, and are especially grateful to be recognised by such a prestigious and knowledgeable organisation as the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild“.

“We started our Lightest in Class programme back in 2002, with more than 1,000 fabric tests; achieved our first Guinness World Record for the LaserLite in 2005, with a packed weight of 1,145g; and achieved subsequent records in 2006 for the Laser Competition, and in 2008 for the Laser Photon at 790g. The current version of the Laer Photon weights 720g packed”.

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Since this award was presented, the Laser Photon has been renamed Laser Photon 1, and Terra Nova have developed a full range of lightweight and ultra lightweight tents.


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