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Top 10 Gloves & Hats | Staff Picks

Posted on January 3rd, 2019

With so many hats and gloves to choose from in the Extremities range, we thought we’d ask our staff to share their favourite styles. If you are looking for recommendations for the best winter gloves and hats, here are our top 10 picks that have been tried and tested by the team!


1 Furnace Pro Gloves and Beanie, recommended by Lauren K.

The Furnace Pro range includes gloves, mittens, a cap and a matching beanie. The Furnace Pro Gloves and Mitts are lined with PrimaLoft® Gold insulation which offers high quality thermal protection. The Extremities X Dry technology ensures that all products from the range are 100% waterproof and breathable offering a comfortable fit consistently. Lauren from our sales team recently visited Iceland and took with her the Furnace Pro Gloves and Beanie, which she loved- and these are her thoughts on her favourite Winter accessories: “My favourite three features of the hat and gloves are that they are super warm, 100% waterproof and the gloves were touch screen compatible, so I could snap pictures around Iceland without my hands suffering the cold. The fit of both products were perfect and they kept me warm throughout the whole trip, you could really notice the difference in the gloves having PrimaLoft® Gold insulation! I also really liked the design of both the gloves and hat as they look fashionable but kept me warm and protected- a combination you don’t often find in Winter accessories. I’d recommend to a friend for sure, neither the gloves or beanie hat let me down so I give them 5/5 stars each!”

thermal gloves and beanie in iceland

Furnace Pro Gloves and Furnace Beanie in Iceland.


Our National Sales Manager, Paul recommends the Furnace Pro Mitts and here are a few comments he had on his best Winter mittens; “The three best features about this product are touch screen compatibility, warmth and waterproofness. They were perfect for walking in the park, in town or even a trip to the pub; you can wear these mitts on any occasion! The Furnace Pro Mitts are well insulated and waterproof, so they kept my hands warm and dry – the addition of touch screen is a fantastic bonus as I didn’t have to take the mittens off to answer my phone. I’d say they were very good value for money as you get so many features with just one pair of mitts, it’s a 5 star rating from me.”








2 Waterproof Sticky Power Liner Gloves, recommended by Paul.

waterproof glove khaki grippy palm

Waterproof Sticky Power Liner Glove.

The Waterproof Sticky Power Liner Gloves are lightweight and dextrous ideal for everyday use- especially if you ever need 100% waterproof protection. Not only does the embedded Extremities X Dry fabric technology provide waterproofness, the gloves are also breathable which keeps you at a comfortable temperature throughout your time outdoors. They are one of our best waterproof Winter gloves and our National Sales Manager, Paul had tried and recommends them and this is what he had to say about the Waterproof Sticky Power Liner Gloves: “What I love most about these gloves, is the dexterity of them. Considering they are a waterproof glove they have a lot of movement in them- which is something I consider when buying a new pair of Winter gloves. I think the sticky grip on the palm is amazing, it’s so handy for activities where I need a bit more control through the gloves; for example when driving or holding my dog’s lead. I’m looking for a glove that keeps me really nice and warm- but also 100% dry and the Waterproof Sticky Power Liner Gloves definitely serve these qualities fantastically. I’ve been using them in my general day-to-day life, on the hills of Derbyshire, around town and even for a trip down to the pub! I would recommend these gloves to a friend because I think they are great value for money, the price is very good for a well performing glove that is really smartly designed.”


bora glove driving fashionable glove

Bora Glove Whilst Driving.

Bora Gloves, recommended by Danni.

The Bora Gloves are a brilliant pair of all-rounder gloves. They’re windproof, water repellent, warm, stylish and touch screen compatible. The Bora Gloves are great for every day use but also enhanced with fabric technologies and features to keep you protected during the coldest of Wintry conditions. Danni from the marketing team has used and loved the Bora Gloves this Winter and this is what she thought of them: “I love my Bora Gloves because they are both stylish and protective, I’ve been using them for dog walking, driving, out and about in town shopping and using my smartphone on-the-go. I always get really cold hands, especially when driving to and from work, so these gloves were great for that because the PU leather palm gives me that extra bit of grip and control whilst driving, and the touchscreen thumb and finger let me adjust my car satnav without the distraction of taking my gloves off and on. When wearing them during my Sunday afternoon dog walks they have completely kept the chill off my hands, and being water repellent too- they have kept my hands dry and toasty! I would definitely recommend the Bora Gloves to a friend who is looking for a protective glove against cold winds, but also a pair of gloves that look great, make you look smart for work and give you wind protection on the hills. They are a really good high quality product that ticks a lot of boxes for me, I give them 5/5 stars!”


Maze Runner Reflective Gloves, recommended by Jo.

gloves for runners hats for runners

Maze Runner Reflective Gloves and Took.

The Maze Runner Reflective Gloves are the best winter gloves for those that run outdoors during the Winter months.  Not only are they warm, windproof and breathable, they also shine a bright reflective rainbow once hit by a bright light, making you more visible, thanks to Extremities X Glo fabric technology. We also have available a matching Maze Runner Reflective Hat – which shines just as brightly as the gloves and provides warmth and windproof protection to your head. Jo from our product development team loves running and picked the Maze Runner Reflective Gloves as her best winter gloves and this is what she thinks about them: “My favourite feature of the gloves is the aesthetic design, it looks great both day and night. The grip palm detail is also handy as you get a more hands-on experience and as the gloves are so close fitting you don’t feel as though you have them on! The windchill was completely kept off my hands and they kept me nice and toasty during my last 5K run, I had to take them off at one point because they insulated my hands so well and it was a mild 11° day. The fitting of the glove was great, it was really streamline and close to my hand, so didn’t feel bulky or get in my way whilst running. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who takes part in Winter runs, it’s a great value product, 5/5 stars.”


5 Sirius Reflective Beanie, recommended by Lauren C.

reflective beanie glowing in the dark

Sirius Beanie Reflecting in the Dark.

The Sirius Reflective Beanie is from our performance lifestyle range. Knitted with Extremities X Glo reflective yarn, the design provides 360° reflection when a bright light shines on it, keeping you more visible in low light conditions and feeling safer when out and about during dark mornings and evenings. Lauren from our customer services team has tried, loved, and recommends the Sirius Reflective Beanie and here are her comments about it. “The Sirius beanie was very snug, warm and comfortable. It is perfect for both day and night use, as it has a fashionable design for the day time but also keeps me safer at night. I think this is really good value for money due to the safety aspect when I’m out and about in low light conditions, I’d give the Sirius Reflective Beanie 4 stars out of 5!”



thermal running gloves touch screen

Thinny Touch Gloves during a Winter run.

Thinny Touch Screen Gloves, recommended by Owen.

The Thinny Touch Screen Gloves are a wonderful pocket-essential touch screen glove for every Autumn/Winter season. At just £8 a pair, they’re worth having as a spare in your coat pocket, car, and stashed with the walking boots! Lightweight, thermal and quick-drying the Thinny Touch Screen Gloves are great for everyday activities, or because they’re so close-fitting as a base layer glove for when the cold weather really hits. Owen from the marketing team tried and loved these gloves, and this is what he had to say about his choice of best winter gloves: “The touch screen feature was fantastic, I love being able to use my phone without having to remove the gloves first. I used the gloves during a variety of activities including running, playing football, driving and dog walking – they were great for me as I’m so active, the gloves were so close fitting I had full hand mobility and it didn’t feel like I had gloves getting in my way. The Thinny Touch Gloves offer perfect functionality for general use and I would definitely recommend them to a friend – I think they would be great for runners and walkers that want a thin feeling glove that provides warmth and easy accessibility to device use. Fantastic value for money and I would give them 5/5 stars!”




Primaloft® Touch Screen Gloves, recommended by Dave.

touch screen gloves thermal primaloft

Primaloft® Touch Screen Gloves using a smartphone to take pictures.

The Primaloft® Touch Screen Gloves are a great pair of close fitting, thermal touch screen gloves that are a pocket and backpack essential. They’re lightweight and are great for stuffing in your pocket whether you’re out and about on the hills, shopping in town or on the school run. Dave from our product development team shared why he chose the Primaloft® Touch Gloves as his best winter gloves, “The ability to use the touch screen on my iPhone whilst wearing the gloves was my favourite feature! The close fit design was great, as they could be used as stand alone gloves in milder weather or thin enough to fit under outer gloves in colder climates – the gloves fitted me perfectly. I would definitely recommend to a friend as I thought they were great value for money, and could be used for various activities in the colder weather. I give the Primaloft® Touch Screen Gloves 4/5 stars and get my vote for best winter gloves.”



country life flat cap

Parapet Cap.

Parapet Cap, recommended by Ashley.

The Parapet Cap is is a fashionable flat cap that is waterproof, windproof and breathable- ensuring a comfortable fit whatever the weather. Made with the Extremities X Dry technology- the cap is 100% waterproof, so ideal for milder showery days when the weather can’t decide what it’s doing! Ashley from our sales team loves his Parapet Cap and this is why he recommends it: “The best feature by far on the cap is that it’s fully waterproof. This is a really useful feature for when the temperature is a bit milder and showery- but also perfect for the colder periods as it’s windproof so keeps the chill off of my head. I love this cap because its fashionable, lightweight and comfortable- and the fit is excellent so this enhances the comfort of the cap. I often wear it when walking the dogs and the breathability means I never get too hot or uncomfortable. I think this cap is perfect for an outdoors person who enjoys walking and exploring in milder climates. I thought it was pretty good value for money, so I’d give the Parapet Cap 4/5 stars.”

touch screen gloves sticky power liner

Sticky Power Liner Glove- showing touch screen compatibility.



Sticky Power Liner Gloves, recommended by Hannah.

The Sticky Power Liner Gloves are versatile, thermal touch screen gloves. Using a phone or sat nav is a breeze whilst keeping your fingers toasty and warm during the Winter. Hannah from our Expeditions Services team loves them and this is why she picked the Sticky Power Liner Gloves  as her best winter gloves, “The touch screen thumb and index finger was great, it was really handy for texting and taking pictures while I was out and about  and using the sat nav in my car on frosty mornings. The grip on the palm is also a great feature as it helped me feel in control of the steering wheel and gear stick whilst driving, but the grip also added a nice design to the gloves as they’re in a repeat pattern of our Extremities logo. I used the gloves in pretty much every aspect of my life; shopping, walking, evening events, commuting and driving. Despite how thin the gloves may look, they exceeded my expectations of how warm they kept my hands and the fleecy inner lining kept my hands consistently at a comfortable temperature – they were great and definitely my choice for best winter gloves!”




10 Pinnacle Mitts and Merino Touch Liner Gloves recommended by Carolyn.

The Merino Touch Liner Gloves are a beautifully soft pair of base layer gloves, made from Merino Wool for added comfort and warmth. They are exactly what the perfect liner glove should be; dextrous, lightweight, close fitting and warm. Ideal for either everyday use when you need a bit of extra warmth, or as a base layer to heavier and thicker Winter gloves when the cold weather really hits. The Pinnacle Mitts are Extremities warmest mitts, packed with 13oz of PrimaLoft® Gold insulation, and Extremities X Dry technology makes the mitts waterproof, windproof and breathable. The supple leather palm is ideal for gripping ski and/or walking poles and give you a real feeling of control during Winter sports and activities. One of our directors, Carolyn has used and loved the Pinnacle Mitts and Merino Touch Liner Gloves together for many ski-seasons, and this is what she had to say about her favourite Winter glove and mitt combo:  “What I love the most about the Merino Touch Liner Gloves is the nice cosy feel they have next to your skin. They have a really good close fit, which is great for me when skiing as I usually wear them under the thicker Pinnacle Mitts for added warmth. The liner gloves are touch screen, so being able to take my mitts off to use my phone and still keep warm is important.  I really suffer from cold hands which can be painful when I’ve been skiing in cold conditions, so the Pinnacle Mitts with 13oz of PrimaLoft® insulation are perfect for keeping me toasty and warm. I would definitely recommend both the gloves and mitts separately, and wearing as a combination for extra cold conditions; you get exactly what you pay for  and I couldn’t be without them now- 5/5 stars!”


I know we said our top 10, but we couldn’t whittle it down to just ten- so take number 11 as a treat from us!


11 Super Thicky Gloves, recommended by Bev.

thick thermal gloves for walking and hiking

Super Thicky Glove using walking poles.

The Super Thicky Gloves are thick and cosy gloves that are lined with 3oz PrimaLoft® Gold insulation, that are sure to keep your hands toasty all Winter long. They have a touch screen compatible finger and thumb, so using your smartphone and taking pictures are a breeze, and your hands don’t have to suffer the cold to get a beautiful shot. The silicone palm also helps with grip; whether that’s onto the steering wheel of a car, securely holding walking poles or anything else that needs a closer touch, you can still do this whilst wearing the Super Thicky Gloves. Bev from our sales team shares why her best Winter gloves are the Super Thicky’s: “These gloves are great and they kept my hands nice and toasty whilst out and about. I have used them for dog walking- but mostly I wear them when I’m out in town, or going for a Wintry walk/hike. The gloves felt like little quilts around my fingers, so I would definitely recommend the Super Thicky Gloves to anyone that suffers with really cold hands!”


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