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The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust and Terra Nova

Posted on September 7th, 2017

Earlier this year The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) selected our tents to take forward to their conversation project. Aiming to employ survey & sampling work and basic maintenance leading to the eventual restoration of Base Y on Horseshoe Island (67°48’S, 67°18’W). Our tents supported the team by providing reliable and trustworthy protection to withstand the arctic conditions and deliver a well-deserved goodnights sleep!

UKAHT was founded in 1993 by Chairman John Hamilton, inspiring the need to recognise, preserve and enhance Britain’s long Antarctic heritage and distinguished history of exploration and scientific research.

The Mission

Horseshoe Island (67°48’S, 67°18’W), established in March 1955 and closing in August 1960, is one of the trusts reoccurring conversation projects. Research carried out here mainly consisted of geology, meteorology and topographic surveys. Since closing the site has been occasionally visited by teams from Rothera, a nearby British research station, and various tourist group expeditions. Despite the damage to the base being minimal UKAHT aims to restore the site to inspire people to discover, enjoy and respect our Antarctic history.

This year they embarked on a new challenge focusing on Base Y of Horseshoe Island (67°48’S, 67°18’W) sending out an experienced team of four to spend a month onsite. The aim being to carry out emergency repairs, gather as much data as possible about the conditions, configuration and construction of buildings on Base Y. As well as collecting samples of building materials for UK analysis in order to undertake full building repairs with the original materials on the return to the base.

The Kit

Our 4 season Terra Nova ‘Hyperspace Tent’ was used by a team of heritage experts that set up camp next to the buildings on Base Y for just under 4 weeks. Despite the arctic conditions and uneven ground, Terra Nova tents “withstood all the weather that was thrown at them”, says Tim Burton; Operations Officer at UKAHT.

The team were pleased with the performance of the tents stating: “last night we slept well in our new Terra Nova ‘Hyperspace Tents’ and are looking forward to another good rest tonight”.

“In result of a long chill day […] there is little more welcoming than a warm sleeping bag and a cosy tent”.

We applaud the UKAHT team for their dedicated hard work in such conditions and clearly so do our tents by continuously rewarding the team with the comfort of a great night’s sleep along with protection against the harsh weather conditions!

For more information about the work they do, visit the UKAHT website.

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