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How to wash your PrimaLoft Gloves

Your Extremities Gloves are designed to take you on incredible adventures, even more so if you have Extremities Gloves with PrimaLoft Insulation. Despite PrimaLoft insulation being incredibly durable, it does have to be cleaned regularly to be able to function to its maximum capabilities. It is important that the right cleaning procedure is followed to avoid damaging the gloves and reducing their functionality.

This guide will focus on PrimaLoft Gloves made by Extremities. If you wish to replicate this on other Extremities gloves, then be sure to check the care label to make sure it won’t damage your gloves.

Washing your PrimaLoft Gloves

  • Before you start the cleaning process, make sure the inside of your gloves are clear of any dirt or grit, by shaking out the gloves.
  • Once you have checked the insides of your gloves are clear of debris, you can place them in the washing machine, using liquid detergent, making sure to not wash them above 30 °C.
  • It is important to not use fabric softener or bleach when cleaning the gloves, as both will damage the structure of the fabric, meaning the gloves will lose their insulating properties.
  • Once the washing machine cycle has finished, make sure to thoroughly rinse the gloves to remove any detergent that could be left in the PrimaLoft® Insulation.


If your gloves are made out of leather or have leather palms, then you should read the care instructions before starting. Only use a small amount of water when cleaning them and do not flip the glove inside out, as this can damage the leather.

Drying your PrimaLoft Gloves

  • After your gloves have been washed, be sure to dry them by either leaving them hanging with the opening facing down or by putting them in the tumble dryer on a low-temperature setting.
  • Remove them from the tumble dryer as soon as the cycle is done and do not iron or steam iron the gloves as this will damage the PrimaLoft® fabric in the gloves.


  • Once your gloves are clean and dry, you can move onto the reproofing stage. Reproofing is required as the durable water repellent (DWR) wears off over time. This is completely normal but it does cause water to not run of your gloves as effectively.
  • Simply re-apply the DWR coating to your gloves and allow it to fully dry before using your gloves again.

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