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Laser Compact All Season 1 and 2 Pitching Instructions

These tent pitching instructions are for the Laser Compact All Season 1 and 2.

Laser Compact tent pitching instructions

  1. Unpack the tent and lay out the flysheet and inner. (Note: The inner tent is already attached to the inside of the flysheet and please ensure the end adjuster tapes are slackened off).
  2. Carefully assemble the long alloy pole and the two short alloy end poles ensuring all the joints are fully connected.
  3. Slide the long pole through the flysheet pole sleeve.
  4. Insert each pole-end into the corresponding eyelet tab on the hem of the flysheet.
  5. Insert the rounded end of the short poles into the red pole pocket under the end vent on the outside of the flysheet and then insert the other end into the eyelet on the hem of the flysheet.
  6. Peg out in the following order:
    1. The guy lines attached to the vent hoods at each end of the flysheet (note: the end poles should slope out slightly at the top by approx. 10 to 15 degrees)
    2. The guy points at the corners of the flysheet. (note: the end of the flysheet should be squared off – please see picture).
    3. The remaining guy lines, inner and flysheet elastics.