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Northern Lite 2 Pitching Instructions

The  Northern Lite 2 is a free-standing, outer-pitch first, 4-season tent that offers plenty of space for year-round use. Read the Northern Lite 2 tent pitching instructions below:

  1. Unpack the tent and lay out flysheet and inner. (Note: The inner tent is already attached to the inside of the flysheet).
  2. Carefully assemble the one piece alloy pole ensuring that all joints are fully connected and the centre cross pole is above the main pole and is angled at 90 degrees to it.
  3. Insert each pole-end from the main part of the pole into the corresponding eyelet tab on the hem of the flysheet – A
  4. Attach the pole clips that are on the flysheet on to the main pole and end sections.
  5. Insert the cross piece pole-ends into the eyelets located above each door on the flysheet – B
  6. Peg out in the following order:-
  • a) The four corners of the flysheet where the poles are located in the eyelets – A
  • b) The four porch pegging points – C
  • c) The remaining flysheet elastics plus guy lines.

NOTE: When using trekking poles for extra stability, the handle end must be tucked into the flysheet pocket, with the pointed end in the ground.

The Terra Nova Northern Lite 2 is supplied with:

  • 1 piece alloy pole
  • 14 x alloy pegs

Northern Lite 2 Pitching instructions