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Polar Storm 2 Tent Pitching Instructions

The Polar Storm 2 is a strong and durable tunnel tent with snow valances, offering a high degree of strength and durability. Designed for 4 season snow conditions. Read the Polar Storm 2 tent pitching instructions here:

  1. Unpack and lay out the flysheet, with the black pole sleeves uppermost (the inner tent is already attached).
  2. Unpack the 3 poles. Carefully join each pole section together. Pass the dome end of each pole through the semi-circular cutout in the snow skirt. Then slide through the 3 black pole sleeves.
  3. Insert the other ends of each pole in the eyelets provided.
  4. Peg out the flysheet hem at each end, using the webbing loops provided
  5. Peg out the back of the inner tent.
  6. Peg out the guy ropes provided.

Note: Polar Storm tents are factory fitted with a black snow shirt/valance attached to the hem of the flysheet, for severe winter conditions. This can be partially or completely lifted using the toggles provided, for maximum ventilation/safety.

  • Never cook or use other combustion appliances in your tent or porch.
  • Make sure ventilation openings are open all of the time to avoid suffocation. Please read the fire and ventilation precaution labels carefully.

The Polar Storm 2 is provided with:

  • 3 x alloy poles
  • 8 x stowstakes and 12 ‘v’ alloy angle pegs

The Polar Storm 2 is no longer available, we recommend the Starlite 2 or Hoolie Compact 2.