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Southern Cross 1 & 2 Tent Pitching Instructions

The Southern Cross is a completely free-standing, all-season backpacking tent. Read the Southern Cross tent pitching instructions for both sizes below:

  1. Unpack the tent and lay out with the pole sleeve and hooks uppermost.
  2. Unpack the poles and carefully join each section.
  3. Ensuring the Terra Nova hub logo is facing outwards, locate the red pole end tips at points a, b, c, d as shown below.
  4. Slide the blue pole through the pole sleeve e & f. The tent should now be standing.
  5. Attach the hooks to the red pole, beginning with the hook directly above the hub and working towards the top.
  6. Guy out and tension the tent accordingly.

The Southern Cross tents are supplied with the following:

  • 2 x alloy poles
  • 10 x alloy pegs


Southern Cross 1 & 2 Tent Pitching Video