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Starlite 3 Tent Pitching Instructions

The Starlite 3 is a lightweight 3 person traditional tunnel tent with a spacious porch large enough for storing bikes. Read the Starlite 3 tent pitching instructions below:

  1. Unpack and lay out the flysheet, with the black pole sleeves uppermost (the inner tent is already attached).
  2. Unpack the 3 poles. Carefully join each pole section together and slide through the 3 black pole sleeves (red poles a-b plus e-f, blue pole c-d).
  3. Insert the ends of each pole in the eyelets provided (a-b, c-d and e-f).
  4. Peg out the flysheet hem at each end, using the loops and buckles provided.
  5. Peg out the guy ropes provided.

The Starlite 3 is supplied with the following:

  • 3 x alloy poles
  • 19 x alloy pegs

The Starlite 3 is currently unavailable but the Starlite 2 is.

Starlite 3 Tent Pitching Video