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Aspect 3 Tent Pitching Instructions

the Aspect 3 tent features a huge full-length inner and porch for exceptional comfort, space and flexibility, with a neat gear storage tray allowing access to kit without leaving the inner.  Read the Aspect 3 tent pitching instructions below:

  1. Unpack and lay out the flysheet, with the black hoods uppermost (the inner tent is already attached).
  2. Unpack the poles. Carefully join each pole section together and slide through the black pole sleeves, under the black hoods.
  3. Insert the ends of each pole in the eyelets provided (a-b and c-d)
  4. Clip the flysheet to each pole.
  5. Pull the 2 black pole hoods over each pole and peg out loosely. Securely attach the hood to the poles using the
  6. Velcro at the corner of each pole hood, directly below each corner joint.
  7. Peg out the remaining points, and re-tighten the 2 pole hoods, so that the roof is taught.
  8. Cross guy feature: Attach the 4 guys, using the rings provided, under the black hoods. For maximum stability and ease of use, cross the guys to form an ‘X ‘ at each end of the tent, using the existing corner pegs.

The Aspect 3 is supplied with the following:

  • 2 x 9mm DAC poles
  • 14 x pegs
  • 10 x guy ropes.
  • 1 x repair patch

The Aspect 3 tent has been discontinued. If you’re looking for a similar tent, try the Helm Compact 3.

Aspect 3 Pitching Video