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Citadel 5 Tent Pitching Instructions

The Citadel 5 is a 5 person family tent, ideal for camping holidays. Read the Citadel 5 tent pitching instructions below:

  1. Unpack and unfold the outer tent with the black pole sleeves uppermost. Orientate the tent to the required pitching spot, taking into account the entrances.
  2. Unpack the poles. Pole 1 is a single ‘T’ shape pole. Poles 2 and 3 are each in three parts (2x leg parts, 1x roof part). Carefully join the parts together.
  3. Slide poles 2 and 3 into pole sleeves.
  4. Attach the flysheet to the pole ends, using the silver inserts, taking care that the flysheet fabric does not get caught. The poles should now be under tension.
  5. Gently pull the tent up to a standing position, and peg out the front and back. The tent fabric will be taught, with the poles vertical.
  6. Lift the back vent cover and attach the ‘T’ shaped pole using the velcro ties provided.
  7. Continue to peg out the remaining guy ropes, and flysheet peg points. There are additional peg points behind the flysheet corners and at various points around the groundsheet. Using these will help to keep the groundsheet flat to the ground.
  8. Unpack the inner tents and clip them inside the flysheet, matching the coloured clips accordingly.
  9. Clip the inner and outer groundsheets together at the corners.

The Citadel 5 tent is supplied with the following:

  • 3 x 22mm diameter Jumbo Poles
  • 23 x guy ropes
  • 42 x pegs

Citadel 5 Tent Pitching Instructions Video

The Citadel 5 is no longer available. We recommend the Zonda 6EP.