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Duolite Tent Pitching Instructions

The Wild Country Duolite is an ideal backpacking tent for two people. Read the Duolite tent pitching instructions below:

  1. Lay out the flysheet and inner tent, with the flysheet uppermost.
  2. Carefully join the pole sections together, for both the long and short poles. The long pole has 3 end tips, one red and 2 silver.
  3. Match the red pole end-tip, to the red flysheet eyelet tape and insert.
  4. Match the 2 silver end-tips to the blue flysheet eyelet tapes, and insert. The long pole will now be standing over the flysheet and inner tent.
  5. Connect the short pole to the silver pole hubs on each side of the long pole.
  6. The complete pole set will now be standing over the flysheet.
  7. Starting with the centre hooks and working outwards, clip the flysheet to the pole. Ensure that the 1 x single hook in the middle of the roof, locates behind the silver pole hub A. Ensure that the 2 x single hooks at the side of the tent, locate under the side pole hubs B.
  8. Peg out and adjust the flysheet and inner. The flysheet tension can now be varied, if needed, by moving the pole foot of each pole to a different eyelet.
  9. Remember to adjust the flysheet tension as conditions alter. The flysheet will tighten in strong sunlight and slacken if it gets wet.

Note: For maximum foot space, peg the red webbing tape, located under the red eyelet tape, inwards, towards the inner tent.

The Duolite is supplied with the following:

  • 14 x ‘v’ angle alloy pegs
  • 2 x alloy poles

Duolite Tent Pitching Instructions Video

The Duolite is no longer available, we recommend the Solar Photon 2.