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Khamsin 4+ Tent Pitching Instructions

The Khamsin 4+ (previously called the Family Khamsin) makes the perfect tent for families involved in outdoor activities and provides a reliable shelter for two adults and up to 3 children. Read the Khamsin 4+ tent pitching instructions below:

  1. Assemble the 4 poles.
  2. Lay out the inner tent over the supplied porch groundsheet.
  3. Thread the 2 longest blue poles through the marked blue pole sleeves.
  4. Thread the red poles through the red marked pole sleeves.
  5. Locate the ends of the blue poles in the eyelets in the blue webbing tapes. Ensure that the ends of the blue poles locate in the eyelet tapes of the porch groundsheet.
  6. Locate the ends of the red poles in the eyelets in the red webbing tapes.
  7. Peg out the corners of the 2 compartments. The inner should now be standing upright. Peg the inside corners of the inner tent to the porch groundsheet.
  8. Throw the flysheet over the inner and pull the eyelets under the corresponding pole-feet and attach.
  9. If required fasten the velcro ties, on the inside of the flysheet, around the poles.
  10. Peg out all elastics and guylines

Khamsin 4+ is supplied with the following:

  • 32 x pegs
  • 2 x red poles,
  • 2 x long blue poles.

The Khamsin 4+ is no longer available, we recommend the Zonda 6EP.