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Trisar 3 Tent Pitching Instructions

The Trisar 3 is a lightweight, semi-geodesic, 3-person tent designed for camping and backpacking in harsh weather conditions. Read the Trisar 3 tent pitching instructions below:

  1. Unpack and lay out the inner, with the black pole sleeves uppermost.
  2. Unpack the 3 poles. Carefully join each pole section together.
  3. Match the pole colour, and slide through the relevant colour marked pole sleeve.
  4. Insert the ends of each pole in the colour coded eyelet tapes provided.
  5. The inner tent will now be standing. Peg down the inner tent.
  6. Throw the flysheet over the inner tent and attach the flysheet eyelets over the pole feet.
  7. Peg out the flysheet hem at each end, using the elastic loops provided. Peg out the guy ropes provided.


The Trisar 3 is provided with:

  • 3 x alloy poles
  • 17 x alloy pegs

Trisar 3 Tent Pitching Instructions Video