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Superlite Voyager Tent

30% lighter than the standard Voyager tent, and a firm favourite amongst backpackers and adventure cyclists throughout the world.



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    DAC Poles

    DAC Poles
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    DAC poles with Green Anodizing™ technology.

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    Best in Test Trek & Mountain
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The Superlite Voyager has now stepped out of the shadow of it's older sibling the classic Voyager to have a re-designed back end and roof - improving it's already impressive weather-shedding ability.

► Fans of all things lightweight will also be pleased to hear that despite being longer and with a taller porch

► The Superlite Voyager is now over 300g lighter than previous models and is one third lighter than the classic Voyager

► The semi-geodesic design has proved itself time and again, and the new Superlite Voyager carries on that tradition for anybody travelling in all but the harshest conditions

Terra Nova Brand: Terra Nova
Product code: 43VYT00


  • Sleeps: 2
  • Season Rating Spec: 3-4 season backpacking
  • Free standing?: Yes (tent can be pitched without guying out)
  • Minimum Weight: 1.38Kg (3lb 1oz)
  • Packed Weight: 1.48Kg (3lb 4oz)
  • Pitch Time (estimate): 10 mins
  • Number of Porches: 1
  • Number of Doors: 1
  • Pitch Type: Inner pitch first

Packed Size: 52x13cm
Range 3-4 Season Backpacking
Poles: 8.7mm DAC NFL
Pegs: 12 x Alloy 11g
Flysheet: Watershed Si2 R/S 5000mm
Floor: Waterbloc R/S 6000mm
Guylines: 2x Dyneema Reflective
Inner Door: Half Mesh

Important Information

Due to the super light nature of the material used in the tents construction we are unable to factory seal the seams in a conventional method. However they are positioned and sewn in a way that minimises water penetration and it's possible to add further protection yourself, with seam sealer, to fully waterproof the tent.


This Terra Nova product is guaranteed to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

Q: What are the main differences between the Voyager and Superlite Voyager?

A:  The two tents are very similar in terms of pole configuration and design type, but there are some differences worth noting other than the obvious difference in weight.

The Superlite Voyager is a little narrower, so if width / space is important, do keep this in mind.
The Superlite Voyager has smaller super lightweight pegs, so you might need spare larger ones for extreme conditions.
The Superlite Voyager has an 'r' shaped door zip opening on the flysheet with 2 sliders, as opposed to the Voyager which has the 4 sliders and multipoint door opening.
The Superlite Voyager inner is clipped to the poles, where as the Voyager has a full length pole sleeve attachment.
The fabric used on the Superlite Voyager is lighter than the standard Voyager.
The inner of the Superlite Voyager has a half mesh door, whilst the Voyager has a double full mesh and solid door.

One of the main points to note however is that the Superlite Voyager, due to the nature of the specialised fabrics and coatings, is not seam sealed. Where as the standard Voyager is fully seam sealed. As such, if you're expecting really, really heavy rain, you might be inclined toward the standard Voyager - OR - as many people do, you could choose to seal the seams yourself on the Seruplite Voyager with a preparation such as this Seam Sealer.

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Review: Long term user review 30/09/16

reviewed by:
Fred Leefarr


I've used this tent now for a number of years for cycle touring adventures throughout the Scottish highlands and islands. Without fail the tent has kept my wife and I warm and dry on all occasions.

On my most recent tour of the north coast I experienced some extremely strong winds - gale force - with torrential driving rain. During the night the wind changed direction and blew sideways at the tent, seriously challenging the structural integrity. But the tent survived perfectly, and to my amazement everything stayed dry. Highly recommended.

It's a good fit for two people (I'm 6 foot, and my wife is 5 foot 8). For one person it provides plenty of room, but may be too much for those trying to keep as light as possible. To pitch the tent the inner goes up first, before the flysheet, which can be a pain in very wet conditions. Before using the tent for the first time I applied seam sealant. I also purchased the groundsheet footprint to protect the tent base. The supplied pegs are the very thin titanium ones, which work very well but can easily be lost in long grass. I've purchased some more substantial pegs to prevent peg loss, and also to provide some more anchoring in very strong winds.
Review: Highly recommended if it is within your budget 17/12/15

reviewed by:
Maryna Sukhomlynova


We slept in this tent abt 60 night trekking in US, Peru, Bolivia, Chilean Patagonia, Ukraine, and I would say that this tent is great: it is realy compact and light-weighted, but comfortable enough for 2 ppl + backpacks, wind- and water-resistant, easy put up and pack. After using it that much it still looks like new. The only bad thing is its high price, but it is worth the money.
You may watch our video review in Youtube: https://youtu.be/Pt5C-VnRwC4
Review: rain proof ! 22/10/15

reviewed by:
Jean-Claude LOYER


I have one and use it in mostly in South Alps in France, summer and winter.
I knew it was great under wind. I decided to check it under rain to know how reliable it was. On a stormy day this summer (2015) I wend to the end of the valley (2000m high) and camped at 20 m of the parking, in any case...It rained a heavy rain all night long say 10 h out of 11. I was a bit anxious, lightnings etc, and did not sleep immediately. When I awoke at 6 am, ALL WAS DRY in the inner room. To be honest I must say that 2 or 3h more would have been a problem.
For me this tent is an asset !!
I use a groundsheet protector and added 2 "front" guy lines. I think it improves air circulation.
Great product ; no doubt about it.
Review: Great Tent 30/09/12

reviewed by:
Andrew Knowles


I have just purchased this tent, having used a standard Voyager in the past. First impressions very favourable, I hope to use it for backpacking and cycle camping. I intend to review again after some use!!!!

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