The new millennium marked a change in the outdoor market. The trend for lighter gear and equipment had begun and Terra Nova Equipment set an objective to produce the world’s first 1kg tent. Every component of the tent was considered. The project involved testing and development of fabrics, weaving of yarns never used before and pole design (the first tents were handmade in the company’s Derbyshire factory). The 1 person LaserLite, with a minimum weight of 990g, was launched in 2004. The tent won a silver IF European design award, followed by the first Guinness World Record for the lightest tent commercially available. The Laser style of tent became the de-facto standard for lightweight tent design. The quest for lightweight products has subsequently seen Terra Nova Equipment introduce new technology to the tent industry, the achievement of 4 Guinness World Records and the launch of other lightweight products including rucksacks. Pioneers in Lightweight Product Design ‘the trend for lighter gear and equipment had begun’ LaserLite Tent launched 2004