In-house test facilities enable fabrics to be subjected to comprehensive tear and tensile tests when new and aged, along with water impermeability (Hydrostatic Head) tests. The flexing, recovery and ultimate yield (breaking) strength for all tent poles are also analysed in-house. A major project with Bristol University, UK resulted in better understanding of the causes of pole failure leading to improved tent pole performance. Materials are specified and developed with suppliers to provide the best performance when new and more importantly to ensure performance is maintained. Terra Nova fabrics are specified from the first polymer stage through to final fabric production. Materials testing and analysis is a continuing process from coatings for flysheet fabric to evaluating a new material for use in the industry. Terra Nova Equipment was one of the first companies to use ULTRA fabric in commercial production for tents, bivi bags, tarps and rucksacks. Continuous Development and Testing ‘materials testing and analysis is a continuing process’ 2012 First to use bonded seams in tents Fabric weathering testing Fabric tensile strength testing