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Terra Nova Equipment partners with EOCA

Terra Nova Equipment is thrilled to announce its partnership with the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) to support and promote conservation projects.

The EOCA is a not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to raising funds for conservation projects across the globe. The organisation comprises over 150 members in the outdoor industry who have come together to raise funds to give back to the environment that we all love and explore.

Since its beginning in 2006, EOCA has supported over 172 projects in 65 different countries, investing nearly €5 million in conservation. As a business, it’s incredibly important for Terra Nova to provide support to preserve the environment and ecosystems so that we can continue to enjoy and safeguard the outdoors for years to come.

Terra Nova Equipment continues to make eco-friendly choices to become a more sustainable business across their production, products and office facilities.

As Managing Director, Sylwester Wacht explains, “Terra Nova Equipment is working closely with the top industry suppliers of fabrics and components to deliver sustainable products within its ranges. This is a difficult task and we are taking a careful approach to balancing ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘product longevity’. We are rigorously testing materials to ensure a suitable, serviceable and repairable approach to our products, whilst exploring the recycled fabrics and components and removing PFCs. We need to ensure the product can be used for as long as possible to reduce wastage.

We care about the environment. The wilderness is home for our lives and hobbies which define us all. By partnering with a great conservation project such as the EOCA, we’re helping to keep our nature and landscape cared for and protected.”

You can follow the EOCA’s journey, projects and fundraising efforts on their website.