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Terra Nova Introduces PFC-Free Fabrics into 2023 Tent Range

As part of their ongoing development strategy, Terra Nova Equipment Ltd is pleased to confirm the use of PFC-free inner tent fabrics across their 2023 range of tents.

The outdoor industry is increasingly using the term PFC-free and Terra Nova Equipment is no different. PFC stands for per-and poly-fluorinated chemicals. These synthetic chemicals are used to create a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish on the outer surface of waterproof fabrics. They generate the water-beading effect to help prevent the fabric’s outer surface from wetting out.

Whilst these chemicals create an incredibly durable water-repellent finish, there is mounting concern about their long-term impact on the environment once a product reaches the end of its usable life. Therefore, the search has been on to find alternative chemistries that offer appropriate levels of durable performance but without the potential environmental side effects.

The current group of PFCs uses six carbon atoms as part of their chemical makeup and are known as carbon six (C6) DWR. The new chemistries remove the carbon element so they are known as carbon zero (C0) or PFC-free.

Terra Nova Product Development Manager, Dave Housley, explains that “we have been testing both PU-coated (flysheet and groundsheet) and non-coated (breathable inner) PFC-free fabrics for some time, both in our lab and in the field and we are making progress. We’re pleased to say that we have been able to confidently adopt PFC-free DWR for most of the breathable inner fabrics found in our Terra Nova tents. In addition, our flysheet and groundsheet fabrics that are coated on both sides with silicone (Si2) are naturally PFC-free.”

This move for their 2023 range of tents now means that almost all Terra Nova tents have some kind of PFC-free fabric, whether that be the inner tent fabric or the whole tent. As C0 technology develops and following extensive testing, Terra Nova aims to become completely PFC-free in the near future, with the intention to roll out PFC-free fabrics throughout the Wild Country range too.

Terra Nova is constantly looking at ways to reduce their impact on the environment and is thrilled to be taking this step towards more eco-friendly products.

If you’d like any further information about our PFC-free or sustainability journey, please contact us at

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