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Terra Nova at the OMM2012

Posted on October 30th, 2012
OMM 2012 - Preparing camp on Day 1

2012 saw the Original Mountain Marathon (the OMM) return to the Howgills in North Yorkshire.

Starting out in Sedburgh, competitors had a cold but clear day on the first day. In the Elite class, Bjorn Rydvall and Aaron Princes finished first, in front of last year’s winner Shane Ohly and Duncan Archer. The weather changed for day two with rain and low cloud making navigation somewhat more challenging. Whilst Shane and Duncan recorded the fastest time for day two, Bjorn and Rydvall’s combined time for the two days was about 9 minutes quicker putting them in first place at 11 hours 21 minutes (combined time).

This year Ali, from the Terra Nova Sales team, and her sister Cath took part in what was their first OMM.

“We had an enjoyable first day. It was a very cold start with frozen tarns and frost on the ground, but once we got going we soon warmed up.”

Ali and Cath were using gear from Terra Nova’s ultra lightweight range, in the form of Laser 35L pack, Laser 600 sleeping bag and the Laser Ultra 1 tent – which created a lot of interest at mid-camp thanks to its silver ‘reflective’ fabric and having the prestigious title of the World’s Lightest Tent!

They also used Extremities® lightweight gear to keep their hands and heads warm – Windy Lite Dry Gloves, Powerstretch Wrist Gaiters, and Ice Cap.

A good run on day one saw Ali and Cath achieve third place in the women’s Class D, which advanced them into the “chasing start” for day two. But with a combination of over-running two check points due to poor visibility and a couple of injuries, unfortunately they slowly hobbled across the finish line cold and wet, but still smiling.

“I think we’d definately do it again – although perhaps a summer event next time to avoid the frosty start!”

Ali even found time to take a few photographs whilst at the OMM, see below.


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