World’s Lightest Tent

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Worlds Lightest Tent

Our Story In Lightweight Tent Development

In 2004 Terra Nova Equipment set the benchmark for lightweight tent development when it launched the world’s first sub 1kg tent. A Guinness World Record marked the achievement of creating the lightest tent in the world.

The development of new materials and use of fabrics not previously used on a commercial scale in tent production has allowed Terra Nova Equipment to slice more weight off its record breaking tents and achieve 3 further world records for the lightest tent.

In its quest to use new materials Terra Nova Equipment also pioneered the use of bonded seams in ultra-light tents through its development of the Voyager Ultra 2, a semi- geodesic, 2 person model weighing just 1kg and made using the extremely lightweight ULTRA fabric.

The lightest tent on the market is currently the Laser Pulse Ultra 1 which not only has a minimum weight of just 450g but a tiny pack size of only 30cm x 9cm, making it extremely packable for ultra events.


ULTRA series

Our Ultra series of tents comprises cutting edge products which push development boundaries with the latest technologies. Created using state of the art construction methods and designs, and tailored to provide the lightest solutions possible.  Ultra Series products are ideal for the outdoor athlete wanting the latest technology and lightest weight kit so they can achieve their best performance when adventure racing, competing in mountain marathons or on short backpacking trips.


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