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Laser Ultra 1 at the OMM2011

Posted on October 10th, 2011
Laser Ultra 1 Tent at 2011 OMM

New Laser Ultra 1 tent from Terra Nova Equipment helps Duncan Archer and Jim Mann win the Elite course at the recent LAMM mountain marathon near Ullapool last weekend.

“We had taken one off the new Laser Ultra 1 tents from Terra Nova but had stripped out the storm cover and all the bags etc, so in total it was less than 500g. We’d set it up for the first time Friday night to check everything was there and that we knew how to set it up. When we actually came to set it up at the overnight campsite it was easy and fast but with clouds gathering we started to worry about how it would stand up in bad weather and sure enough it wasn’t long before 12 hours of steady rain started! In practice the tent was spot on. Its small for 2 people but certainly not uncomfortable and there is plenty of space between the inner and outer and we stayed perfectly dry. It packed up easily and the water just shook off keeping it nice and light again for Sunday. We got a good nights sleep and won’t hesitate to use it even out of season!”

Duncan Archer and Jim Mann.


Product Detail: Laser Ultra 1 Tent


* Photo of the tent in action at the LAMM courtesy of Jon Brooke at

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