Trail Elite Trekking Pole

Lightweight, easy to adjust, compact folding trekking pole.

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The Trail Elite trekking pole is a folding, compact trekking pole which packs down small for carrying in a rucksack. Terra Nova trekking poles are designed to be as light as possible and use 7075 aluminium alloy (because of its strength-to-weight ratio) to achieve this. Their low weight means you have more energy available to enjoy your chosen activity. The 3 section Trail Elite pole is easy to adjust, even when wearing gloves thanks to the clip lock system which holds the top sections firmly in place when closed. The clips can be quickly opened allowing the pole to be adjusted with minimum fuss. The lightweight, comfortable EVA handle has a soft wrist strap for added security. Comes with a removable trekking basket and protective rubber ferrule for the tungsten tip.

Terra Nova Brand: Terra Nova
Product code: O57TEP00


  • Packed Weight: 0.274Kg (0lb 10oz)
  • 3 section pole with clip locks enabling easy adjustment
  • Made with 7075 aluminium alloy
  • Lightweight and comfortable EVA handle and soft wrist strap
  • Removable trekking basket
  • Tungsten tip with protective rubber ferrule

Maximum Adjustable Length 128cm

Packed Length 33cm


This product is guaranteed to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from purchase. 

1 Pole
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Review: Trail Elites through the Lake District 31/12/15

reviewed by:
Nigel Vardy


I wild camped the Cumbria Way, using a set of Trail Elite Poles for support. They were lightweight and surprisingly robust for their build. I twanged them more than once on rocks and trees and they neither flinched nor failed. The ergonomic handles, felt comfortable and the hand straps were large and easily adjustable. Best of all they pack up really small for transporting (lots of train journeys) and would be useful when winter climbing as they go inside your bag, rather than on the outside.