Furnace Ultra Gloves


A smart pair of everyday gloves that are waterproof and thermal. Great for both extreme conditions and day-to-day wear.

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The Furnace Pro glove is the perfect style of glove for the ‘Office to Outdoors’ transition. Not only are they protective and packed with various technologies, they are a great winter fashion accessory. The gloves are designed with Primaloft Gold Insulation which offers high quality thermal protection, they are also fully waterproof and breathable thanks to the X DRY Extremities technology that;s included. There will be no freezing fingers from now on because these gloves are equipped with a touch screen thumb and forefinger so smartphone and GPS usage is not a problem whilst wearing the Furnace Pro gloves. If you want something cosier, we also have the Furnace Pro Mitt made with the same technologies.;

Warm, waterproof, touchscreen compatible and fashionable – what;s not to like!


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