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Bothy 4

Terra Nova Bothy Bags are a lightweight and compact emergency shelter with excellent features. Every group, expedition and single outdoor user should have one, they create a 'microclimate' for escaping from the elements.


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Used by mountain leaders, rescue organisations, backcountry skiers and canoe guides all over the world, these indispensable lightweight emergency shelters allow the users to create a 'microclimate' that is warm and dry - perfect for map reading, group discussions or even as a morale-booster for wet lunch breaks. Bothy bags come in a range of sizes and feature clear windows made from low temperature PU, mesh vents and roof 'sockets' which can house walking poles for additional support. 

Step by step photos of the bothy in use show the Bothy 2.

Terra Nova Brand: Terra Nova
Product code: 53B4000


  • Sleeps: 4

Packed Size: 27x11cm
Dimensions in use: W = 117cm, H = 100cm, L = 132cm
Weight: 600g
Person: 4
User range: Emergency Shelter for all Outdoor Activities
Warm and Windproof Shelter
Durable Waterproof Seats
Roof Attachment Fits a Walking Pole Providing Support


This product is guaranteed to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from purchase. 

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Review: Brilliant piece of safety kit! 07/10/17

reviewed by:
Simon Crum


I've had one of these for about twenty years now and have totally failed to wear it out. Mine predates the window which tbh is my only real criticism of mine. It has lived in the bottom of my pack for walking and climbing trips and has provided a toasty lunch spot in minging weather on numerous occasions, including sitting for hours on mountain tops waiting for groups. It is a great size for two people but a little "cosy" for four, though that is pretty much the point, I guess. It does not have taped seams so in hard rain water does work through though in those conditions I'm in wetproofs anyway so this isn't a concern. Mine is a natty shade of blue so I can use it without folk checking I'm ok every five minutes. Really impressed and I'll buy another if this ever actually wears out (though I'm not holding my breath!)