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Guinness World Record Laser Competition tent

Posted on January 9th, 2007
Laser Competition Tent World Record

Terra Nova beats the record for the lightest tent in the world, again! The continued development program and dedication to being the best in class, has led to us break our own Guinness World Record.
The 2006 Laser Competition superseded the Laserlite, bringing the usable weight to just 930g (32.8oz) saving a massive 215.3g.

This is nearly 20% off the already popular Laserlite’s weight and includes the inner, the flysheet, pole and the twelve pegs needed to pitch the Laser Competition.

This should make the ears of Adventure Racers and light weight Backpackers prick up with delight and sees Terra Nova leap further ahead of the competition.

2008 Update: The latest development to leave the workshop at Terra Nova is the achingly light Laser Photon. With a useable weight of only 740g this latest model is a testament to the time and effort we dedicate to pushing back the boundries of lightweight travel. Developed for adventure racers, who demand the very lightest kit possible, the Laser Photon is the cutting edge of superlite gear. The ever-popular Laser Competition remains in the range as the tent of choice for the lightweight backpacker.

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