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Zephyros Lite Tent Range

Posted on April 5th, 2013
Wild Country Zephryos Lite Tent Range

Find out more about the Zephyros Lite tent – a truly remarkable, super lightweight, quick-pitch tent from Wild Country Tents.

Product Highlights

  • Super Lightweight
  • Super fast & simple pitching, pitches ‘as one’
  • Small pack size fits into rucksacks / panniers
  • Superior quality ripstop, tear resistant fabric
  • Half-mesh door for improved ventilation
  • Full length porch for storage
  • Based upon tried and trusted ‘Laser’ design, used by professionals globally
  • PU / Silicon coated nylon flysheet for enhanced weather resistance
  • Condensation management
  • Guaranteed waterproof (4000mm hydrostatic head)
  • Fully seam sealed
  • Sewn in ground sheet (6000mm hydrostatic head)
  • 1.6mm super strong yellow reflective guyline
  • 8.5mm Wild Country Superlex alloy pole
  • Two-piece split alloy end poles
  • 2 year Wild Country Guarantee
  • Recommended by TGO Magazine (May 2013)


Background & History

Wild Country Zephyros 1 Lite TGO RecommendedAs the name suggests, the Zephyros Lite tent is based on the extremely popular ‘Zephyros tent’ – but it’s even lighter!

The standard Zephyros tent was launched in 2010. Its primary purpose was to make lightweight camping affordable – without sacrificing on quality and design. Terra Nova, sister brand to Wild Country, set the standard for super lightweight camping with the Guinness World Record holding ‘Laser’ and ‘Solar’ range of tents several years ago and has been a leader in this market since. Terra Nova tents utilise the best in technical fabrics and materials, and the brand has become synonymous with lightweight outdoor activities such as mountain marathon running, world record cycling challenges, solo global circumnavigation, wild camping and so on.  Wild Country tents are designed by the same team as the Terra Nova tents, and they’ve taken everything they know about this market to produce some of the best value lightweight tents on the market today.

The Zephyros Lite is an extremely smart hybrid tent. It’s roots clearly come from the heavier Wild Country Zephyros tent, but it utilises technology and materials similar to those found in the base design of the award winning Terra Nova Laser Competition tent. Taking positive aspects from both of these tents, the Zephyros Lite will hit a sweet spot for many who demand the best from their tent at an affordable price.


Who Should Use a Zephyros Lite & Why?

Zephyros Lite Tent PitchingThe Zephyros Lite range is a super lightweight, three season backpacking tent.  Ideal for use in typical Spring, Summer and Autumn weathers, it provides the perfect combination of  stability and reliability versus weight, size and price. The tent is perfect for one and two person short stay camping, wild camping, mountain marathon events and so on.

It’s incredibly lightweight!  Weighing little more than a litre of water, you hardly know you’re carrying it. The one person Zephyros 1 Lite tent weighs only 1.25kg / 2lb 8oz (the two person Zephyros 2 Lite weighs 1.4kg / 3lb 1oz).  If you’re wild camping this is ideal because the weight saved can be used for more cooking equipment, food, or photography equipment for example. Plus, as mountain marathon runners and long distance backpackers will know, lighter weight means the potential to go faster and further – a very welcome bonus!

The Zephyros Lite also packs down really small and neat. The packed size for the Zephyros Lite 1 is just 45cm x 14cm (Zephyros 2 Lite 45cm x 16cm). This allows the tent to easily fit into most rucksacks, backpacks, cycle racks and panniers.

When backpacking, simplicity and speed of pitching is something often over-looked by the novice camper. Getting your shelter erected as easily and quickly as possible offers real practical advantages. Tired aching muscles after a long cycle or run will really benefit from a quick 5 minute pitch. Wild campers and casual weekend campers will certainly also be thankful of a quick pitch too, maybe avoid getting soaked in a rain shower. The Zephyros Lite tents, unlike the Laser range, don’t require a pole sleeve cover, making pitching even more of a breeze.


Find Out More

The Zephyros Lite comes in two models – a solo camping tent (Zephyros 1 Lite) and a two person version (Zephyros 2 Lite). The specifications for both models are very similar, essentially the two-man version is a little wider and marginally longer. You can read the full specification for each model by clicking on the appropriate image below.

Zephyros 1 Lite TentZephyros 2 Lite Tent



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